Dec 2 Star Shopping: Your Astrological Gift-Giving Guide


Gifting to friends and family may seem like a chore, so why not use the handy tool of astrology to reduce mental roadblocks, being stampeded at big box stores and remove anxiety of your packages arriving in the rain. In this class, we will look at gift-giving through astrology, to maximize the thoughtfulness of your gifts. We will examine Sun signs, Moon signs, and Venus signs. Come with charts or come with questions and a pen to write down ideas, there will be a lot of sample gift ideas will be given.


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Wednesday, December 2, 6:30-8:30pm Pacific (community time at 6:00pm).


Novice-1 Beginners-2, Intermediate-3, Advanced-4, see level scale


The Signs, Arts & Creativity, Natal Astrology, Basic Astrology


via Zoom – link will be emailed upon check-out. Please log on early to work out any technological issues from student side. We cannot give refunds due to student technological difficulties. Links will be emailed to all participants and available for a limited time.


In 2013, JP founded the largest astrology school in the U.S., the community-focused Portland School of Astrology while continuing to see clients for over a decade. His work with Cosmophilia seeks to reconnect people with both earth and sky, which includes a line of Astrological Herbals, zines and magical gifts. JP has completed 5 years of both herbal medicine school and herbal retail, 5 years of mystery school, holds a degree in Public Health and even attended university in Japan.

He currently sees clients and teaches in Portland, and is writing a book about Astral-Herbalism titled BioCosmophilia: the Confluence of Plants, Planets and People. His work has been featured at the Portland Art Museum, Portland State University, Reed College, Nike, Marriott Hotels, FM radio, NORWAC, several astrology and herbal medicine conferences, numerous venues and websites. JP also loves singing, studying comedy, coffee and cats.

Hermes Helper

Work Trade is needed for 25% discount off. Duties include hosting on Zoom. We need those with Zoom familiarity and with social personalities to host a community time prior to the class. Please contact us. Work Trade is first-come, first-serve. Listing will be updated when WT is filled.

How Does The Sliding Scale Work?

When making a sliding scale selection and you get the message “out of stock”, that sliding scale selection is sold out. Make another sliding scale selection to join the class. Paying on the higher end of the scale helps for us to make astrology as accessible as possible through the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship.


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