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Visionary Astrology


The Portland School of Astrology is planning its 8th annual conference for February, 2021.

With the ingress of Jupiter and Saturn into the sign of Aquarius, the time is ripe for visionaries with new perspectives on how to use astrology to imagine a better future.

We are issuing a call for speakers to submit proposals for lectures and articles about this topic.

What is Visionary Astrology? It can be anything from looking at the natal chart to find out how we are called to be activists (Mars, Uranus), checking in on the global transits, the Pluto return in the USA chart, the ethics of astrological practice and the responsibility of astrologers in the community, or self-care as a radical act.

What does it mean to be a visionary and how do we use astrology to create a world of justice, peace, and belonging? Feeling inspired?

We believe astrology can be a powerful tool for social change, and we want to hear your ideas to shape the future of our practice and our lives.


Feeling inspired?

Submit your lecture proposal.

Conference Schedule

Schedule is forthcoming.

Lecture Descriptions + Speaker Biographies

Keynote Lecture

Previous Conference Topics

  • 2020 love, astro.: Relationship Astrology with keynote Stephanie Phillips
  • 2019 Astrological Magic with keynote David Pond
  • 2018 Queer Astrology with keynote Kelsey Branca & Alice Sparkly Kat, performance by Zyon Gray & Rhea Wolf

  • 2017 Astro Playground: Embodiment Astrology with keynote Rhea Wolf & Gretchen Lawlor
  • 2016 Astro Throwback: Traditional Astrology with keynote Chris Brennan
  • 2015 Astro Diagnosis: Medical Astrology with keynote Andrea L. Gehrz
  • 2014 Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine with keynote Judith Hill & Matthew Wood

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