9th Annual Conference


February 18-19, 2022

via Zoom

Simple flat graphic DNA spiral. EPS8 vector illustration,

We are currently accepting proposals for our 9th annual conference on the topic of astrology and ancestry.

Concepts might include: ancestral/intergenerational/bloodline healing; family constellation work; family patterns through the chart; working with planets as ancestors; ancestors/descendants; time magic/time healing; 4th house topics; the Moon and Moon-related topics; working with children’s charts; relocation/diaspora topics; chosen family; reparenting self through the chart/repairing childhood wounds.

Please send topic proposal before Monday, January 18, 2022 to PSA with a previous speaking sample (mp3, youtube video, etc.) by email to: admin @ portland astrology . org.

Previous Conference Topics

  • 2021 Visionary Astrology with keynote Kirah Tabourn
  • 2020 love, astro.: Relationship Astrology with keynote Stephanie Phillips
  • 2019 Astrological Magic with keynote David Pond
  • 2018 Queer Astrology with keynote Kelsey Branca & Alice Sparkly Kat, performance by Zyon Gray & Rhea Wolf

  • 2017 Astro Playground: Embodiment Astrology with keynote Rhea Wolf & Gretchen Lawlor
  • 2016 Astro Throwback: Traditional Astrology with keynote Chris Brennan
  • 2015 Astro Diagnosis: Medical Astrology with keynote Andrea L. Gehrz
  • 2014 Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine with keynote Judith Hill & Matthew Wood

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