About the Portland School of Astrology

Opening in 2013, the Portland School of Astrology has expanded to become a leading community organization and the largest astrology school in the United States.

PSA currently offers:

  • Comprehensive and integrated Year-Long Programs
  • Open-to-the-public programming each quarter
  • Annual conference with rotating topics each year
  • Monthly community events (free or low-cost) and special events
  • An in-house scholarship used for variety of projects
  • Engaged Heart Astrology Library for student use
  • A number of community resources
  • An active student life
  • A bookstore with discounts for students
  • Urania Press publishing house (coming in 2021)

We are a community of experienced teachers, accomplished alumni, curious students, enthusiastic volunteers, and community-oriented individuals who are all involved in many facets of PSA. In addition to astrology, some of us are artists, activists, athletes, dancers, musicians, data-base builders, community organizers, parents, writers, hikers, herbalists, healers, foodies, comedians, scholars, scientists, spiritualists, atheists. We are both young and elder. We are a variety of sexual orientations and gender expressions. While our student population generally skews white, we do have BIPOC students and teachers and we continue to specifically work to improve this and keep transparency. Learn how under our Mission and Principles.

Why We Are Different

PSA strives to teach astrology through a social justice lens. We appreciate the variation of human expression reconciled between one’s birth chart and one’s lived experience. At PSA, our framework for teaching astrology is in observance of Ptolemy’s Four Influences on a Human Life, which posits that astrology is only responsible for one layer of who are, and that equally important to the expression of our individuality necessarily includes the cultural layer, local layer, and family layer of influence.

Ptolemeic philosophy honors the individual life experience, considers circumstances into which we are born, and makes us aware of conditions which can radically shape how we exhibit our personal qualities in context of the universal. We recognize that how we interpret astrology must allow for understanding a wide range of complexities inherent to the human experience.

Learn more about why our programs are different than any other.

PSA By the Numbers


school years launched
2013  –  2020


Students have taken our 1st-Year Program: Astro-Empowerment


Students have taken our 2nd-Year Program: Astro-Fluency


Students have taken our 3rd-Year Program: Astro-Mastery


Annual conferences launched on a variety of topics


People have taken a single class or event at PSA

$14, 629

Spent through the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship


Years combined experience of our program faculty

*numbers are updated each summer at the end of the school year.

We've Been Featured


Interview Magazine (with Rihanna on the cover!).  The Mountain Astrologer Magazine.  Bitch Media.  hipMama.  PQ Monthly.  Portland Monthly Magazine.  Willamette Week (named ’32 Reasons to Love Portland’).  KWG8-TV Morning Show.  X-Ray 107.1 FM.  Freeform KFFP 90.3 FM.  OregonLive.com.  The Astrology Podcast.  Beautiful Astrology Podcast.  Esoteric Voices Podcast.


Nike.  AirBnB.  Marriott Hotels.  Trulia.com.  Stylecaster.com.  Clary Sage Herbarium.  The Herb Shoppe.  Seagrape Soap.  Psychic Sister.  Flutter.  Travel Portland.  Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective.


Northwest Astrological Conference (NORWAC).  Oregon Astrological Association (OAA).  Washington State Astrological Association (WSAA).  Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC).  Pride Northwest.  Northwest Magic Conference.  Portland Plant Medicine Gathering Conference.


School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).  Portland State University (PSU).  Portland Center Stage (PCS).  Portland Art Museum (PAM).  Reed College.  Portland Community College – Queer Resource Center.  Eclectic Institute.  Camas Public Library.

Our History



The Portland School of Astrology was originally founded by Ida Hulery Fletcher. Impressed by Llewellyn George, a 25-year old student from Chicago, he would be invited to join the school as Principle with Hulery Fletcher serving as Director. The two published the Astrological Bulletina under the PSA publishing arm. According to records, the school had several locations in Portland, including in Hulery Fletcher’s home residence and in downtown Portland at 266 (SW) Clay Street, 608 (SW) 4th Street, 476 (SW) Davenport, and in the Lafayette Building at SW 16th and Yamhill in downtown Portland. (Hulery Flecther photo provided by Randy Fletcher on FindAGrave.com. George photo provided by Llewellyn Publishing.)

1912 – 1919


Llewellyn George would eventually leave PSA to found his own school and publishing house, Llewellyn Publishing, which is still the largest spiritual topics publisher in the world. He would also publish the popular A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator (1910), a yearly almanac and founded the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA) in 1938. Llewellyn George died in Los Angeles in 1954. The last class would take place at PSA while the publishing arm continued until 1918. Ida Hulery Fletcher died in 1919 in Oakland.


2010 – 2014

A New Chapter

Future PSA Founder JP Hawthorne meets Jen Gouvea and her husband Kent Bye, and begin working with others to create a community-centered astrology home (later named Urania). The group would begin through Meetup.com and was named PDX Astro Social.

JP Hawthorne meets Rhea Wolf and Andrea L. Gehrz who would begin teaching the year-long programs together. JP would be given a vision of a school in late 2012. Believed he had been guided by cultural ancestors Hulery-Fletcher and George, he would name the school the same as it was in 1900, Portland School of Astrology.

The intention for the Portland School of Astrology was announced on April 27, 2013 at 08:30. The first fall schedule would launch on September 5th, 2013 at 19:00 with an Open House and Astro-Open Mic. PSA accepts a $500 special projects grant from the Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN).

PSA launches its annual conference and the inaugural 1st-Year Program. PSAs first home, a dual location at 2714 NE Alberta and inside the home of Jen Gouvea known as Urania in NE Portland. PSA relocated to 3939 NE Hancock Street in Hollywood, Portland. PSA begins a still-standing relationship with the Portland Art Museum, the Oregon Astrological Association, AstrologyUniversity.com and launches ZEDTalks (Zodiacal Education and Discovery) event showcasing how people in the community are using astrology in exciting and innovative ways. Jen Gouvea, an original supporter and teacher, dies unexpectedly in November 2014.


2015 – 2017

Second Year, Third Year

PSA adds an inaugural 2nd-Year Program and expands the 1st-Year Program by adding a second cohort, then a third. The Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship is created to continue the important work Jen was passionate about. The inaugural 3rd-Year Program is launched. Once again, PSA begins to support the Meetup.com PDX Astro Social, providing the community with two free astrology events per month. In addition, PSA partners with the Oregon Astrological Association to provide free New Moon Circles for the community each month. Both efforts are supported through the Jen Gouvea Memorial Fund.


2018 – 2020

New Location, Low Residency

PSA moves from its current location which is less than 200 square feet, to a new location almost six times the space at 2110 Northeast 45th Avenue in the Hollywood District of Portland. With more room, PSA triples its Engaged Heart Astrology Library, partially by absorbing the library of the Oregon Astrological Association. An astrology-themed shop and bookstore is also opened in the new space.

After a consistent demand, and with program students traveling monthly from around the country to attend classes, the inaugural 1st-Year Program Low Residency/Distance Learning cohort is launched in January 2019. Also in 2019, PSA would begin an almost year-long Racial Equity Assessment with an external strategist. Long-time faculty members, Rhea Wolf and Andrea L. Gehrz, leave PSA, sparking a curriculum review, and a new teaching team is assembled. During the pandemic, all classes are forced to an online format.