Parking Information

Ample street parking is available, note any signs with time limits. Parking limits are not enforced after 7pm and on Sundays. Local neighborhood streets are free from timed parking. PSA is not responsible for any parking violations received.

Handicap Accessibility

Unfortunately PSA was not able to find a new location that is truly ADA accessible. However, we have three steps in the front and we can have a ramp readied if needed. Bathrooms, kitchen are not ADA accessible. However, we have installed an ADA grab bar in the bathroom.


Portland School of Astrology

2110 NE 45th Avenue

Portland, OR 97213

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Running a school keeps us busy. Our work takes us to the classroom, out in the community, and even to the forests. This means that we are not in the office everyday of the week. However, we’d love to hear from you anytime. Please email us at [email protected]


Due to the alarming spike in robocalls nationwide, we no longer publicly display our phone number on our website. However, we do have both a landline, and text message capability. Send us a contact form inquiry if we need to give you a call, or we are happy to share our number with you if requested.

Social Media

Instagram: @PDXAstro

Twitter: @PDXAstroSchool

Facebook: Portland School of Astrology

Hashtags: #PSACaseStudies #PDXAstro

Contact Us

If you have a question, please review our FAQ Page before using the form as it covers a wide range of topics.


About our current level of response due to COVID-19:

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us.

Due to COVID-19, the Portland School of Astrology has lost a crucial member to our administrative team and the resources to hire another person to help us at the level we need. The current skeleton admin crew is working from a distance which is another hurdle to answering emails immediately and efficiently.

We hope you can appreciate the challenges, and almost impossible circumstances a small business is having during these unprecedented times. But, we do look forward to getting back to you. Thank you for your patience–you’re the best!

Options in the meantime:

Web assistance: A large number of the emails and questions we receive can be satisfied by viewing pages the appropriate page on our website and/or our FAQ page. If your inquiry is satisfied, would you mind sending us another contact form submission to let us know? We’ll still email you back to followup.

Phone/Text assistance: Some inquiries might get a faster response from a call or text to our office phone number, (five-zero-three) 284.676eight.

Current program students: please email questions to: [email protected] or for bookkeeping related items: [email protected]