Our Process

Please read carefully!

Enrollment to the Portland School of Astrology is contingent on first completing an information session to determine if PSA and the potential student are a good fit. Please note, space for the 1st-Year Program is limited. If you delay, you might miss your chance to join us.

  1. Fill out the enrollment form below.
  2. If enrollment is currently open, RSVP to attend one of our information sessions. We offer both in-person sessions at our school or via online/telephone. You are welcome to attend either format of our information session for all cohorts of our 1st-Year Program. Please sign up for what best fits your schedule.
  3. After attending an information session, you may pay your deposit online or by sending a check or money order payable to the Portland School of Astrology.
  4. After deposit is paid, PSA will mail you a welcome packet. This serves as your official enrollment into the program.

Program Updates

1st-Year Program Astarte Weekend Cohort: Enrollment Open

The program is now 100% full.

1st-Year Program Bulls Weekday Cohort: Enrollment Open

The program is now 70% full.

1st-Year Program Low Residency/Distance Learning Cohort: Enrollment Open

 The program is now 60% full.

2nd-Year Program: Enrollment Open

We offer spots to our 1st-Year Students first, then the general public in August. Please contact us if you are interested.


*LAST UPDATED: September 2020.

Enrollment Form

  • Street, City, State, Zip
  • EXACT time, birth date, birthplace as recorded on birth certificate or other official document.
  • PSA has a strong commitment to create safer space for our students, which includes but is not limited to a variety of ages, gender presentations, racial and ethnic makeup, religious backgrounds, etc. Are you comfortable learning in an environment of diversity and okay with the possibility of dealing with sometimes uncomfortable conversations?
  • PSA has an attendance policy. To the best of your knowledge, are you able to make the attendance commitment the program requires? Will you be able to attend the first and last sessions?
  • PSA 1st-Year Program aims to embody astrology in many different ways. What might we need to know about your accessibility needs: Allergies? Movement limitations? Classroom needs? Learning needs? Medical conditions we need to be aware of?

Thank you for your enrollment form! We look forward to getting to know you. If enrollment is closed, you may or may not receive a response until enrollment opens in Spring for the school year which begins in Fall. If enrollment is currently open, please sign up for an Information Session to get this ball rolling!