Program Design

Our program design is unique in four ways.

1. We tailor to your goals, even if you have no idea what they are

We are working to assist students in discovering who they are, and how they plug into the larger astrological community and field of practice. Not every student wants to see clients or write magazine horoscopes. Astro-Empowerment is designed with a pleura of goals, even those whose goals are currently undefined.

2. We not only learn astrology, we eat it for breakfast

The knowledge we offer is easily accessible to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. We have students that range from complete novice, to those who have been engaged in study and client work for a decade. We recognize that astrology isn’t only an intellectual study, that it is truly multifaceted.

Our approach is to help students not just understand the foundations of astrology intellectually, but to enrich their understanding through a variety of pedagogical styles, activities and experiences in order to imbibe astrology. While we do instruct with lecture, powerpoints, text reading, homework and a final exam, we will also experience astrology through music, video, art, games, meditation, food and beverage, writing, reflection, fun activities, theatre exercises, community engagement, discussion, somatic experiences, and field trips to see spectrum of these archetypes all around us, everyday.

3. We apply a critical lens to #ShittyAstro

We believe astrology is the study of fully understanding and validating our own essential nature. At PSA we strive to bring an educational experience that challenges lazy thinking, and encourages students to ask questions of an astrology that continues to hold the bias of authors and teachers, both ancient and modern.

We examine and discuss reductive and binary thinking, limiting and damaging uses of language, cultural bias, and ethical considerations for students and practitioners. We acknowledge and discuss contributing factors and conditions outside of astrology, and outside of our individual control that still profoundly shape who we are. This certainly shifts the interpretations of signs and planets—in major ways!

While being uncomfortable is part of any learning experience, PSA strives to provide space for empathetic learning so that we allow ourselves to make mistakes and learn together as a group. PSA is not perfect, however our goal is to continue striving for the examination of our own biases in order to make a space for all to feel welcomed, seen, and heard. Please review our mission, principles and commitments for more information about how and why we are doing this.

To our knowledge, no other school or organization is doing this. Our students report this being the number one reason they choose PSA.

4. A community that ‘astro’s’ together, ‘macro’s’ together

We were founded on the principle of heart-centered community and we mean it! 1st-Year Students will be welcomed into an existing community and vast network within the school, as well as in the larger Portland and Pacific Northwest astrological communities. Each year we continue to prioritize community, we’ve recently doubled the hours of the 1st-Year Program to include an additional 100 hours of extracurricular options for students to plug into the school. While we understand if community isn’t your jam, students who engage tend to do better with their studies and with their overall educational journey at PSA and post-graduation success.

To our knowledge, no other school or organization is doing this. Our students report this being the number two reason they choose PSA.

Student Perks

Being a student at PSA means you get more than instruction

Complete Student Support Access

2 Student Processing Labs, guidance events from 2nd-Year Students, support from the Student Body Representative, online Learning Management System, individual tutoring available, drop-in hours, office hours twice per month, meetup.com group twice per month.

Quality Texts Provided

We provide the text books for all students. 1st-Year Students will receive the texts by Steven Forrest, April Elliot Kent, Judy Hall. 2nd-Year Students will receive the texts by Andrea L. Gehrz, Steven Forrest. All students will receive an ephemeris calendar for the year ahead.

Library Access

Access to our growing Jen Gouvea Memorial Library which includes books, The Mountain Astrologer magazine catalogue, and MP3 lecture library.

Field Trip

Our 1st-Year Students visit the Portland Art Museum to see archetypes illustrated in works of art. Our 2nd-Year Students visit OMSI Kendall Planetarium.

PSA Swag

An item of your choice: t-shirt, tote bag or coffee mug upon graduation, and everyone is welcomed to buttons, stickers, pencils and other promotional items.

Class Discounts

Discounts on other PSA Quarterly Term classes

Store Discounts

Discounts in the School Store (online and in-house) and Digital Download library.

Astrology University Discounts

Discounts to AstrologyUniversity.com lecture library from internationally recognized astrologers.

Your Chart

A color copy of your personal astrology chart to be used in class.

Event Discounts

Discounts on non-PSA local and long distance astrology events.

Complimentary OAA Membership

A complimentary year-long membership to the Oregon Astrological Association (Portland students only), to further your astrological study outside of the school with monthly events and network with other astrologers in the area. Please take advantage of this, as it offers an opportunity to meet and work with other astrologers!

Community Building

1st-Year Students are the guest of honor at our annual Homecoming Party, students will receive an invitation to our Astro-Karaoke graduation party as well as four community parties, monthly New Moon circles.

Community Connections and Exposure

Networking possibilities within the group of students and the faculty of PSA, and outside of the PSA community. First access to student marketplaces.

PSA Annual Conference

A ticket to our PSA annual conference in February (Specific topic changes each year).

Conference Scholarships

Access to conference scholarships (subject to fund availability). Early notice of community-based scholarships for conference, study and special projects.

Work Trade

First opportunities for work trade positions at a deeper discount than the general public. Secret access to work trade jobs for program credit towards our 2nd-Year Program.

Astrology Software Discount

Discount to AstroGraph (TimePassages) desktop software for ease of calculating and storing charts for many techniques, houses systems.

Complimentary Honeycomb Personalized Planner

PSA purchases a personalized ephemeris planner for all students to be used in the calendar year-ahead.

Tea and Snacks

Complimentary organic tea, snacks at class.

Job Placement

We send incoming job inquiries to our alumni list.

Guest Lecture

1st-Year Students will vote on a guest lecture of their choice based on class interest.

PSA by Comparison

Broken down, our program price is only $12 per hour

Other Astrology Schools

Kepler College’s online certificate program for one year is $6,560 with optional Advanced Certificate for an addition $3,180. There is a $40 enrollment fee and a dozen or two required texts for the year, that can range from $15-$50 each. Kepler’s online-only platform makes it difficult to connect with a community of engaged people, both faculty and students. The cost makes it the same as a full-time academic year spent in community college.

While a very small number of brick-and-mortar schools exist in the world today, the few U.S. schools run between $16 – $40 per instruction hour. These schools typically run thinner in the subjects covered with less class time, most focusing on the more casual of learners hoping to grasp basic essentials. Almost all are a single-teacher operation.

A U.K. astrology school is $14.00 USD per instruction hour while a U.K. institution with an astrology-adjacent degree program is over $16,000 USD a year without housing, books, institutional fees.

Local Institutions

For contrast, we’ve looked into local institutions. For full time student tuition without housing, Portland State University is estimated to be $15,000 per year. At Portland Community College, yearly tuition is estimated to be around about $9,000.

Retreats and Apprenticeships

Astrology retreats typically range from a weekend to an entire week and can be anywhere from $500 to $5,000. Retreats are most often not local so travel, food, and lodging are an additional cost. Often this option lacks a sustained community, and continued support outside the retreat setting.

Apprenticeships offered by individual astrologers can range from one-on-one to a group-training of 20 students or more. Some apprenticeships are yearly, others are once a month, ranging from $700 a month to $2,000 for a single weekend. Travel, food, lodging may be an additional expense. Often apprenticeships are the more pricey option to learn astrology and lack an interactive community.

Some individual practicing astrologers offer hourly tutoring, mostly ranging from $50 – $200 per instruction hour.

Local Training

For contrast, we’ve added other local unaccredited educational groups and training programs around Portland. Herbal medicine schools can range from $10 – $22 per instruction hour. Comedy classes range from $15 – $25 per instruction hour. Spiritual training schools can range from $18 – $42 per instruction hour. Literary arts programs range from $17 – $183 per instruction hour.

Ready to give us a try?

We have some low- and no-cost options to get you started