Free Classes + Community Calendar

These community classes and events are free or by small donation. They are funded, if not in part than completely by our Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship Fund. Donations to the JGMS go directly back into offering free resources to the community. If you are able to give anything, we thank you!

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Want Portland Astrology News and Updates?

Free Horoscopes

While PSA has offered student horoscopes in the past, we can’t guarantee them with regularity. We hope that providing a list of talented horoscopes writers in our community would be the next the best thing. Remember to read generalized horoscopes for your rising sign. Consider booking a consultation with an astrologer in order to get more in-depth information.

Rhea Wolf


Rhea is a Full Time instructor at PSA and her regular column The Hearth is writing on magic, astrology, beauty and justice.

Jessica Lanyadoo


Jessica Lanyadoo is a guest instructor in our 2nd-Year Program. Jessica offers both a monthly and weekly horoscope.

Naimonu James


Naimonu’s horoscopes are unique combination of poems, inspiration writings, love notes, and justice. PSA has previously worked with Naimonu when we asked Naimonu to present at our PSA 5th Annual Conference.

Chani Nicholas


Chani offers a weekly horoscope and weekly astrology articles. PSA has previously worked with Chani at the Queer Astrology Conference in 2013.