Uranus Cycles and Queer Resistance

with Kelsey Branca

Uranus rules rebellion, authenticity, creative freedom, expanded consciousness, the future, revolution, autonomy, and all things non-traditional - including queerness. Building on the work of astrologer Jack Fertig, this talk explores the history of the modern queer rights movement in the United States using Uranus generations.

We will explore the movement of Uranus through the zodiac from 1956 to the present and explore how, under Uranus in each sign, queer communities found new and unexpected ways to rebel, thrive, and seek liberation. Uranus in the natal charts of prominent queer rights leaders and mundane charts of pivotal moments in the history of queer liberation will also be reviewed. Participants will have the opportunity to break out into groups based on natal Uranus placement and discuss how Uranus informs their own ideals and behaviors related to radical resistance and authentic expression.


Intuitive Tarot: Queering Messages for your C(heart)

With Daven Ville & Sharon Pink

During this workshop, we will both choose and intuitively pull tarot cards in connection to our own astrological birth charts. We will also take time to discuss, experiment and queer the Tarot cards that have been commonly assigned to the 12 astrological signs. While this is an experiential and participatory workshop, we trust you to guide yourself to do what you choose.

While you are likely to learn something here, we will not be teaching Tarot or Astrology, but rather working from intuition, our senses and our collective queer magic. All levels of tarot and astrological wisdom and experience are welcomed. Please bring a Tarot deck (if you have one, and some to share will be available) and a copy of the your astrological birth chart.


Working with Transgender and Non-Binary Clients: A Listening Session

With Neon Starlight



From Root to Star: Astrological Herbalism

With cheré (rere) suzette bergeron



The Great Portland Sex Scandal

With Gary Lorentzen



relax & restore (qtpoc only)

With Naimonu James



Panel Discussion: 

Over 40 years of Queer Astrology

Facilitated by Zyon Gray



Exclusion, Violence, and Integration: Eris as Gender Rebellion

With Corina Dross




Writing Down the Stars

With Amanda Moreno




Moving Beyond Prescribed Archetypes: Systemic constellations and deep time

With Erica Jones




Witch's Intuition: An Astrologer's Guide

With June Rose Trimbach




Performance: Colonization, Homophobia, and the Voices of the Ancestors

With Zyon Gray and Rhea Wolf



Key Note: Inter-generational Trauma and the Zodiac

With Alice Sparkly Kat




Bayard Rustin: A Man Before His Time

With Vernon J. Robinson





Astraea: Cosmic Muse and the Golden Age

With Rebecca M. Farrar


Have you ever googled "transgender astrology"? I don't recommend it, unless you're really into cis people cissplaining Caitlyn Jenner. In this two-part class, I will first talk about what kind of ideas people have out there about transgender and non-binary astrology and why it is so damaging to our community. Next, we will come up with a list of "best practices" for working with transgender and non-binary people as a group.

Any and all transgender, non-binary, or other gender non-conforming people are welcome and encouraged to contribute, and all cisgender people are asked to listen quietly and take good notes.



What are the intersections of astrology & herbalism? What are some ways to introduce herbalism into your astrology? Which planets & signs correspond to which plants & gem essences? What do our ruling planets & signs have to do with our connections to herbs & crystals? This will be an introduction to the vast universe of astrological herbalism from the perspective of a queer, trans, non-binary femme witch, herbalist, potion maker, & stargazer.



In the fall of 1913 it was discovered that there was an underground network of gay men who had secret places to meet. Many of Portland's prominent men were involved--lawyers, professionals and politicians. Using the chart for the founding of Portland and the natal chart for the key figure in the scandal, we will examine the astrology of the event, the gay subculture that existed, and how the scandal impacted the city.


restorative yoga class including a brief mediation and space afterward to connect and discuss with other black and brown folks. restorative yoga is very low impact and uses props like blocks, blankets, and bolsters to support and nourish the body and mind.




How has astrology grown in the past 40 years? In this intergenerational panel, we will explore what queer astrology is, where the idea of queer astrology comes from, and how it has evolved over time. Panel facilitator Zyon Gray will ask questions and open up to audience questions and experiences as we come together to honor the past, understand the present, and envision the future of queer astrology.



Eris was once worshipped as Enyo, a war goddess on equal footing with Mars. What happened to demote her to a deity of discord, associated with cattiness and petty vengeance? What do the Eris myths that have survived teach us about our current relationship to gender and legitimate and illegitimate forms of violence? This lecture will take a look at two activists with strong Eris placements in their charts: Sylvia Rivera, known for her critical role in the Stonewall Uprising of 1969 and her lifelong commitment to transgender rights, and Phoolan Devi, an armed avenger of gendered assault in India who served many years in prison before becoming a member of Parliament.



Whether you’re a practicing astrologer, an astro-writer or someone who uses astrology for personal growth, translating and interpreting the archetypes into language that brings the ideas down to earth can be tricky. In this mini-workshop, we’ll explore a few experiential exercises to help you bring the mytho-poetic images behind the archetypes to life so you can explain them in ways that are relevant for your life and/or the lives of your clients. It’ll be helpful to have your chart and something to write with handy.


In this highly experiential process, learn more about your natal chart by accessing the wealth of information held within fields of consciousness. Tap into the wisdom and insight of the Knowing Field that has been revealed by the practice of systemic (family) constellations, and reach into deep time to access the origins of your potentials and witness the effects of embracing your radically unique self, rippling out to nourish the future. Joanna Macy’s concept of deep time broadens and deepens our experience of time by including both ancestors and future beings as here now and fully present, and able to communicate with us. Ancestors and future beings will provide support in the process of embodying your individual expression of the astrological archetypes. Absolutely no training or prior experience is required. All participants will get a chance to explore their own natal chart.


The development and sanctification of the personal intuition is an invaluable tool for astrologers and healers alike. The aim of this class is to provide ceremonial techniques that support our witch's intuition before, during, and after giving astrological readings. This class will answer questions the practicing astrologer may have about their own intuition's mystical and healing nature; questions like: where is this intuitive information coming from and do I trust it; how can spirit guides support astrological work; what is the best way for me to prepare for a reading; how can I promote healthy energy exchange with my clients? We will talk about our role as astrologers, the symbolism of Hecate as she relates to the soul guide, and the idea that true healing occurs in both the client and practitioner.


Performance, play, and perspectives on the roots of gender discrimination, homophobia and transphobia in the colonization of Africa. Explore the impact of this through the diaspora and bring to life the charts of queer activists such as James Baldwin and Audre Lorde to find digestible/ healing clues of liberation beyond death. Using history as a launching pad, we open the gates for some of our queer ancestors to communicate with us through the continuing life of their natal charts. Attendees will participate as oracles, players, and poets, guided to co-create the messages that emerge from our queer bodies as we seek to make language and meaning that matches our reality.



This lecture will propose that the power of astrology derives completely from inherited memories and traumas. The mandala is a story about human experience through time in the world and works through culture as both memory and history. By viewing trauma as a segment of a whole cycle and an experience which still lives in the present, participants can begin to re describe what has been historically and personally erased in order to better relate to their own communities. The lecture will be in three parts: a group activity, a lecture, and a personal exercise in which participants practice tools that they take with them post the workshop.



Bayard Rustin was a Black, Pacifist and Gay man during the 1940’s through the 1980’s when all of who he was looked down on, especially him being gay. Mr. Rustin is know that well known even though he was the person who brought Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. Rustin was the chief organizer for the 1963 March on Washington made famous by Dr. King Jr’s “I Have a Dream speech. The natal chart of Bayard Rustin will be analyzed and discussed. The synastry chart of Mr. Rustin, Dr. King will be reviewed along with the synastry charts of Mr. Rustin and Mr. Clarence B. Jones (speech writer for the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech) and Mr. Rustin and the First Slave Ship in America Chart. These charts will give insight into Bayard Rustin and the times that he lived in.


The asteroid Astraea, meaning “Star-maiden” is the fifth largest asteroid in our solar system and named after the Greek goddess of justice and harmony. While not well-known now, Astraea has been referred to in many Greek epics and English literature and often considered a muse for writers and poets. It has been said she was the last immortal god to leave Earth during the Golden Age and will be the first to return as a harbinger of a new version of humanity. In natal charts, Astraea relates to aspects of our concern for fairness and justice and in the shadow side an inability to let go or where we avoid difficulty. Using examples of natal charts and transits we will explore this cosmic muse in the context of our current times.