Current Submissions

Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship

Please check for future scholarship announcements.

Diversity Call

PSA is specifically interested in hosting speakers with a diversity of personal experience including but not limited idenifying as a person of color, queer-oriented, trans and non-binary folx, and those from other cosmological backgrounds of their ancestral heritage.

Teaching in the Quarterly Term Schedule

We welcome experienced and practicing astrologers with general public speaking or teaching experience, to teach in the quarterly term with the Portland School of Astrology. Access our Quarterly Term proposal submissions here. All submissions will be reviewed by the programming panel on the following schedule.

  • Fall Term: applications are due by August 15th for September - December schedule.
  • Winter Term: applications are due by November 15th (extended to November 27th, 2018) for January - March schedule.
  • Spring Term: applications are due by February 15th for April - June schedule.
  • Summer Term: applications are due by May 15th for July and August schedule. (Please note that we usually don't have much programming for Summer)

Some recent requests for material have been:

  • Fixed stars: expert in the topic of the fixed stars and application of
  • Retrograde planets: both natal and transits of
  • More practitioner development classes

If you will be visiting Portland and would like to speak, another option would be to consider contacting the Oregon Astrological Association.

For current teachers, please submit your classes here.

If you are a student with an idea about classes, groups or anything you are interested in, please contact us.