3rd-Year Program


We are currently building a 3rd-Year Program. Information about this program should be available by June 2017. Please sign up for our newsletter to not miss announcements from PSA.

The 125-hour program will take place on a majority of Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm with some weekends and Sundays. However, some weekends are attendance optional. The program will run concurrently with 2nd-Year, September to June.

Our Next Session Begins September 2017

Some program gossip:

The program will have a greater focus on individualized attention based on your goals for development. The program will feature small group Path Work, individualized Advisory Counsels, a core curriculum for the entire class based on student interests, some community component, and a Student Thesis development by the end of the program.

This program is serious. Serious students need apply.

In our small Advisory Counsel, we will focus on consultation skills, questions students have, workshopping charts, synthesis and preparation for Student Thesis due at the end of the program. 

In our small Path Work groups, students will have the opportunity to 'declare a major' so to speak in order to give greater attention to the path each student is looking to learn more about. There will be an opportunity to choose at least two paths. Path selections will be announced shortly.

Core curriculum, similar to the 1st and 2nd-Year set-up, will continue to foster the student's technical skill and curiosity. Many of the core classes are based on student feedback of topics that they wish to cover.

Student Thesis is meant to develop the student into a high-level astrologer. Sample thesis' may include a class you are planning to be conference-ready, maybe an article you are writing to be submitted to national publications, it may be research oriented. Support will be given to students based on their interest(s) and existing skills. 

We will begin our program with a retreat to Bend, Oregon and visit the Observatory. 

Finalized information about the program including topics, teachers, dates and perks will be announced shortly.



If you are currently in 2nd-Year, or have successfully completed the 2nd-Year, please contact program director Jaysen Paulson about joining us by emailing jp@portlandastrology.org. No interview is necessary to join 3rd-Year. 

You are welcome to pay your deposit or full tuition amount by clicking here and visiting the YLP store.



coming soon.



Advanced Foundations 301: Essential Dignities, House Systems

Celestial Mechanics 301: the Ancient Sky, Oregon Observatory Field Trip

Community Engagement 301: Lunch with 2nd-Years, Astro Mixer, Hosting 1st-Year Study Hall, NORWAC Rally, Astro Karaoke

Cycles and Timing 301: Annual Profected Ruler, Solar Returns

Delineation and Technical 301: Methods of Research, Synthesis, The Cultural Layer, Synthesis sessions, Integration Session

History 301: Working with Cultural Ancestors

Medical Astrology 301: Energetic Hygiene for Practitioner and Clients, Medical Mapping, Physical Astrology

Magical Topics 301: Working with Cultural Ancestors, Sabian Symbols, Magic Astro topic TBD

Philosophy 301: Ensoulment, Intro to Teleology

Topics in Astrology 301: Astro Relocation

Student Thesis: Students will be developing a Thesis related to the work they are interested in. Support is given each month with Advisory Counsel and the Student Thesis is presented at the end of the program.

Path Work: 9 sessions, happening each month, working in a small group related to a subject or specific study that you are interested in. Students are encouraged to choose two paths. The paths available will be:

  • Plants & Planets: astrology and plant-based medicine as remediation.
  • Business Development: starting an astrology business and making a plan.
  • Hellenistic Astrology: a study on traditional astrology and Greek language.
  • Publishing: how to publish, bookmaking, work on PSA magazine 'Urania'.
  • Writing: writing astrology in various formats, developing your pieces.
  • Ecstatic Astrology: embodiment practices to understand astrology outside the mind.

Advisory Counsel: 9 sessions, happening each month, working in a small group for two purposes:

  1. To assist with the synthesis development. We will be reading charts, working with mock clients, developing strategies and consultation skills, bringing questions to the group. Expect to be doing consultations outside of school at least once a month.
  2. To give support, resources, feedback, development strategies for your Student Thesis.

Field Trip: Bend retreat visiting the Oregon Observatory. 

Personal Exploration and Reflection 301: Group Exercises at retreat weekend

Conference Admission: free admission to the PSA annual weekend conference and admission to an online astrology conference.


3rd-Year Instructors

3rd-Year instructors include full time faculty Rhea Wolf, JP Hawthorne, Andrea L. Gehrz, Ian Waisler, Zyon Gray.


Recommended Reading

Aspects in Astrology - Sue Thompkins

Planets in Transit - Rob Hand

The Twelve Houses - Howard Sasportas

The Changing Sky - Steven Forrest

Astrological Remediation - Andrea L. Gehrz (students receive a 25% discount on this text when purchased from PSA)


2017/2018 School Year Dates

September 1-4: Weekend Retreat in Bend, Oregon

September 12th, 19th: 7-9pm

September 24th: 1:15-2:15pm (optional)

September 19th, 26th: 7-9pm

October 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th: 7-9pm

November 7th, 14th: 7-9pm

November 17th-19th: Online Conference, various times (optional)

November 28th: 7-9pm

December 5th, 12th: 7-9pm

January 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd: 7-9pm

January 28th: 10-5:30pm

February 6th, 13th: 7-9pm

February 19th-21st: PSA 5th Annual Conference (optional)

February 27th: 7-9pm

March 6th, 13th: 7-9pm

March 18th: 10-5:30pm

March 27th: 7-9pm

April 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th: 7-9pm

May 1st, 8th, 15th: 7-9pm

May 22nd: 7-9pm (optional)

May 24-28: NORWAC (optional)

June 5th: 7-9pm

June 10th: 10-5:30pm



The 3rd-Year Program will be held at our school location in Hollywood at 3939 NE Hancock #212 in the Hollywood Professional Center Building. Some classes will take place in the PSA suite, others in the 1st-floor conference room. Please check your schedule. We even made sure that the school has a French bakery across the street. You're welcome. :)


Tuition Cost

$1,625: This breaks down to $13 per instruction hour for the entire 125-hour program. A $200 non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit is required to hold your spot. This deposit does apply toward your total tuition. Full payment is encouraged, however the payment plans consists of 9 payments of $159 starting from September 1st until May 1st.

Scholarship Information: Unfortunately, PSA does not have the funds available to offer scholarships at this time. However, there are general education scholarships through the Association For Astrological Networking (AFAN) that you can apply for. Often times the Oregon Astrological Association (OAA) offers educational scholarships as well. We hope we can offer scholarships in the future from either PSA funds or donors support. We do offer the program with a payment plan which is the best we are able to do at this time.

If you want to be notified of upcoming scholarship opportunities, join our mailing list!

If you are interested in donating to support a student for PSA Year-Long Programs through the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship Fund, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Perks

There are several perks to being a student at PSA. As a 3rd-Year Program student, you will receive…

  • Jim Maynard pocket ephemeris calendar for 2018.
  • A complimentary year-long membership to the Oregon Astrological Association in Portland, to further your astrological study outside of the school with monthly events and network with other astrologers in the area. Please take advantage of this, as it offers an opportunity to meet and work with other astrologers!
  • Community exposure and networking possibilities within the group of students and the faculty of PSA.
  • Discounts on other PSA Quarterly Term classes.
  • Discounts on non-PSA teacher events.
  • Discounts in the School Store (online and in-house).
  • Discounts to AstrologyUniversity.com lecture library from internationally recognized astrologers.
  • Access to our in-house Jen Gouvea Memorial Library.
  • Opportunities for work-trade at a greater discount than student discount.
  • Complimentary organic tea at class.