Donations and Scholarship

Thank you for considering a donation to the Portland School of Astrology. 

PSA Wishlist: white board markers, toilet paper, tissue paper, paper towels, printer paper, hand soap, dish soap, sponges, standard mailing envelopes, large padded envelopes, pens, post-it notes, quality video recorder and tripod.

PSA General Fund: help keep the school up and running!

Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship Fund: honoring one of our first teachers and a key founder of the school. Jen Gouvea was a huge piece to the healing and astrology communities. These donations will help to keep Jen's mission of spreading the healing tools of astrology and flower essences to those who identify in marginalized and disenfranchised communities. Look for ways this money is being used by announcements through our mailing list.

Funds currently go toward:

  • Year-Long Program scholarships
  • General scholarships for conferences, projects
  • Flower Essences given to students and various groups
  • Jen Gouvea Memorial Library