MP3: Working with the Moon for Personal Empowerment


Rhea Wolf: Working the Moon Cycles for Personal Empowerment

Each monthly Moon cycle brings with it a chance to change. The Moon is our most visible reminder of the on-going process of giving birth to ourselves. With the New Moon, we set intentions and plant seeds for the future. As the Moon grows over the days and weeks, so too our wishes and projects may flourish and reach a point of culmination. Although many intentions take years or even a lifetime to fulfill, the Full Moon shining brilliantly down at us each month reminds us of the possibility of reaching such wholeness.

In this hour-long lecture, Rhea will discuss the ways we can use the New and Full Moons for personal empowerment, increasing awareness and manifestation goals in our day-to-day lives. You will learn practical exercises about how you can tap into the hidden powers of the Moon in order to turn your dreams into reality.

Digital Download Running Time: 65 minutes.

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