Three Kings Charcoal 10 Disks


Three Kings Charcoal is available as quick lighting charcoal briquettes. Each briquette ignites easily and quickly by holding a simple, small-flamed lighter to it. Due to the strict selection method, high quality raw material demands, as well as a 50-year old perfected production techniques, Three Kings briquettes hold no flavor of their own, and have a smooth, long and even burn.

Three Kings Charcoal is internationally recognized as the best quick lighting charcoal available on the market. Made in Holland since 1956.

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Product Details:

  • Burn time for each disk is up to 1.3 hours max.
  • The discs are 1.25″ in diameter and have a cupped upper surface to hold the incense for burning resins, non-combustible incense, powdered herbal blends, or dried herbs. Also used in hooka shisha.
  • Smokeless and odorless.
  • Each roll contains 10 disks.


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