The Light That Changes: The Moon in Astrology, Stories and Time – Rhea Wolf (book)


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Published: 2013

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The Light That Changes: the Moon in Astrology, Stories and Time by Rhea Wolf

As a symbolic language of the psyche, the ancient and modern practice of Astrology can help us uncover patterns in our lives. Filled with thoughtful analysis and practical magic, this thorough primer on the Moon sheds light on how to use Lunar Astrology to increase self-awareness and nourish the roots of the soul. Whether you are new to astrology or continuing in your professional practice, you will find fresh insights and tools for working with Lunar Energy.

With candor and compassion, astrologer Rhea Wolf investigates the mythic meaning of the Moon in various stories and folktales. She provides guidance for aligning with the Moon’s rhythmic journey from New to Full each month. And she offers inspiring exercises for personal exploration based on the themes of the Moon in the Natal Chart. Creating a more loving, just and peaceful planet happens as each one of us deepens our understanding of the authentic self.

Learning about the Moon can help you find ways to nurture yourself, relate to others in healthy ways and activate your inner resources in order to flow with the changes of life.


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