June 18 Tasting the Archetypes (online class)


This class is part of our Stella Nova Series, featuring PSA graduates teaching at a reduced rate for the community. All proceeds go to the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Each sign and archetype has its own delicious array of tastes, flavors, and foods it is associated with. In this interactive exploration of the Zodiac, we will discuss these associations, learn a little bit about how to remediate astrological imbalances through food, and get to (virtually) taste our way through the signs! Feel free to come prepared with any food you want to eat that reminds you of any of the signs! This will be a great way to deepen your understanding of the Zodiac through an experiential process. It will be helpful to know your sun, moon, rising, and Venus signs, but not required. Plus, all participants will leave with their own copy of Amy Marie’s zine, AstroPizza!

NOTE: this is a body and food positive class. No body shaming, fat shaming, or food shaming will be tolerated.


As always, all classes in the quarterly term schedule are open to the public.

Class Details

Level: Novice-1, Beginners-2, see level scale

Subject: Natal Astrology, Archetypes

Date: Thursday, June 18, 7-8:30pm

Location: Online via Zoom

Teacher: Amy Marie (she/her) is a 2nd year graduate of the Portland School of Astrology who has a vision of using astrology as an accessible tool to facilitate liberation, especially in marginalized communities. An antifascist, queer, anti-capitalist, working class, cis, white, radical Scorpio witch with a chronic illness, she grew up in Juneau, Alaska on unceded Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian land, and now resides in Portland, Oregon, on unceded Chinook and Multnomah land. As someone with a stellium in Scorpio and an 8th house Aries moon, she has many, many feelings, and she is ready to talk about them.

How Does The Sliding Scale Work?

When making a sliding scale selection and you get the message “out of stock”, that sliding scale selection is sold out. Make another sliding scale selection to join the class. Paying on the higher end of the scale helps for us to make astrology as accessible as possible through the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship.


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