Engraved Selenite Charging Disc


Product Details:

  • Size: 4″ across x 1″ thick
  • Planetary Ruler: Moon

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Selenite crystal charging discs containing the flower of life engravement. Consider placing items on the charging discs that need to be cleansed, healed, or in need of a boost. Place jewelry, other stones, or magical tools on them. Place them in the bed of an ill pet, or under your pillow.

Boost the disk by placing under Full Moons, or under certain planets traveling overhead to aid in planetary magical workings. As is, these engraved selenite crystals make a beautiful decoration to any living space. Cleanse or charge in a bowl or salt water, or bury in the ground for three days under the Dark Moon (just before the New Moon).

Selenite is considered to be of the Moon, enhancing energies paired with it or conducting energy through a vessel, including the body. Considered best for the energy center at the crown.


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