Himalayan Salt Tea Light Lamp


Product Details:

  • Tea light candle included.
  • Because this is a natural product, size will vary slightly. The box measures¬†4.5″ x 4.5″.
  • Never leave candles unintended.

From the ancient salt mines of the Himalayan Mountains, the warm glow from this natural salt lamp is a wonderful accent to any room or space. the natural ambiance enhances home, office, retail space, restaurant. There is a carved space at the top for a tea light candle.

With their emission of negative ions, salt lamps are considered to be helpful in the reduction of electromagnetic fields, neutralizing the environment from the energetic impacts from microwaves, computers, wifi routers, electronic devices, television sets, but also might be helpful for homes under power lines, near cellular towers, or in urban or industrial areas.


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