March 5 Retrograde Primer (class)


Retrogrades vary in detail, yet they all follow a similar framework. In this workshop, we’ll find out about the different phases every retrograde goes through- in addition to some of their differences- and we’ll explore some thoughts of what each phase is most suited to. We can time out some of the retrogrades from 2019 to see how they have worked in your chart, as well as looking forward a bit into the retrogrades of 2020. Please bring your natal chart.

Class Details

Level: Novice-1, Beginners-2, see level scale

Subject: Natal Astrology, Transits, Forecasting, Timing, Self Discovery through Astrology, Celestial Mechanics/Astronomy

Date: Thursday, March 5, 7-9pm

Location: 2110 NE 45th Avenue

Teacher: Melanie Gurley is your Creative Media Astrology Guide, delivering creative approaches to working with the cosmic weathers and your own Cosmos Within. She hosts and produces The Beautiful Astrology Podcast and remains active in the Astrological Community. She serves on the board of the Oregon Astrological Association and on the Steering Committee of the Association for Astrological Networking. Find out more at

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As always, all classes in the quarterly term schedule are open to the public.

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