Astrological Remediation: A Guide for the Modern Practitioner – Andrea L. Gehrz (book)


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Page Count: 346

Published: 2012

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Astrological Remediation: A Guide For the Modern Practitioner by Andrea L. Gehrz

This book is invaluable for any practicing astrologer. Having been written for the professional working astrologer, this textbook teaches the art of healing challenges in the chart. Whether our clients are approaching a hard transit or examining a natal struggle, this book can help. Topics include: the link between astrology and medicine, the art of astrological diagnosis, isolating planets that need remediation, working with children, the tenets of astral mechanics as written by Judith Hill, and much much more.

Remedial methods include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Symbolic Substitution
  • Vibrational Merging
  • Optimizing the Physical Constitution
  • Astrally-Timed Information
  • Etc.

“This book has completely changed the way I practice astrology and gave me the grounded framework I needed to effectively work with the tool for myself, my community and my clients. The first practical book of it’s kind, instructing exact how and what to do with transits.” – JP Hawthorne, director Portland School of Astrology