Apr 17 the Pluto Return of the United States (online)


Pluto makes its orbit around the Sun in 248 years, and this year it both approaches and returns to the degree it was at at the founding of the United States and continues for the next few years.

In this lecture, we’ll explore a ‘birth chart’ for the United States and the symbolism of the Pluto return with an inquiry into how it reflects a dynamic process of soul-making for the country as a whole. Amanda will introduce a framework for using the outer planets in mundane astrology, while incorporating key principles of evolutionary astrology, allowing for an examination into how a country’s Pluto Return can increase our insight into what is going on at the collective level, while also bringing awareness to how we might better understand our individual role in the unfolding story of the U.S.

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Saturday, April 17th, 11am-1pm Pacific.


Novice-1, Beginners-2, Intermediate-3, Advanced-4, see level scale


Mundane Astrology, Predictions, Pluto in Transit, Evolutionary Astrology


via Zoom – link will be emailed upon check-out. Please log on early to work out any technological issues from student side. We cannot give refunds due to student technological difficulties. Links will be emailed to all participants and available for a limited time.


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Amanda Moreno [she/her/hers] is a queer astrologer, writer, teacher who first ran into Astrology as a pre-teen when she found an Aquarius poster in Claire’s Boutique. It was the first time she’d ever come across anything that mirrored the weirdness of her life experiences, and she was hooked.

During her Saturn Return, Amanda found a graduate school that let her combine depth psychology and astrology. Her master’s thesis was entitled Astrological Ritual & the Apocalyptic Imagination. It explored how apocalyptic imagery such as the mushroom cloud or images of ecosystem collapse and climate change affect the human psyche, and how astrology and ritual can help folks navigate personal and collective rites of passage. During this time, she also became certified in Steven Forrest’s apprenticeship program, and worked extensively with Patricia Walsh and Mark Jones.  Since then, her primary astrological focus has been on evolutionary, psychological and archetypal astrologies and using astrology as a tool for social justice and paradigm shift.

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