Planetary Flower Essence Blends

Proceeds from the sale of this product benefits the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship at the Portland School of Astrology.

Volume: 1oz sealed liquid tincture

Ingredients: Brandy as a preservative, water, vibrational essence of select flowers

Directions for use on the bottle

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You don’t need to know anything about astrology or your natal chart to use these flower essences. If you are interested, simply read the descriptions and see what fits for you. You’ll make the right choice intuitively.

Solar Flower Essence: the urge for self esteem, understanding how you feel vital and alive. Includes flower essences of sunflower, larch, goldenrod.

Lunar Flower Essence: the urge for emotional nourishment, the path of the soul. Includes flower essences of star tulip, shasta lily, mariposa lily.

Mercury Flower Essence: the urge to communicate, how you perceive and articulate ideas. Includes flower essences of larch, deerbrush, trumpet vine.

Venus Flower Essence: the urge to create beauty and experience pleasure, how you love and what you value. Includes flower essences of California peony, alpine lily, shasta lily.

Mars Flower Essence: the urge for initiative, will and power, desire and action. Includes flower essences of hawthorn, red penstemon, mountain pride.

Jupiter Flower Essence: the urge to develop faith, optimism, enthusiasm and openness. Includes flower essences of explorer’s gentian, lewisia, angelica.

Saturn Flower Essence: the urge for excellence, manifestation, the ability to handle responsibility. Includes flower essences of valerian, penstemon, pine.

Uranus Flower Essence: the urge to develop authenticity, where you individuate from convention. Includes flower essences of columbine, cerato, mullein.

Neptune Flower Essence: the urge to transcend to spirit and connect with imagination and creativity. Includes flower essences of cosmos, rue, monkshood.

Pluto Flower Essence: the urge to transform, empower and learn soul depth. Includes flower essences of cherry plum, love lies bleeding, chestnut.

About Flower Essences:

Both astrology and flower essences are vibrational medicines. A great way to work with the energy of a transit (a current planetary period you are going through) is with the use of a flower essence. Another perfect use of the flower essences is to boost certain planets in your own natal chart and work more positively with those energies. Directions for taking flower essences are on the bottle, but it’s not limited to oral intake. You can meditate with them, place on your altar, use them as offerings, or even put drops in a spray bottle and spritz yourself. Because they aren’t a biophysical medicine but rather vibrational in nature, they are considered generally safe by the medical established and aren’t expected to contraindicate.


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