Plants Against the Patriarchy Tote Bag


100% cotton canvas tote

Size: 60z, 14.5 x 15.5

Color matching 22 inch handles

Hand screen-printed by local queer feminist shop

Out of stock

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Plants Against the Patriarchy Tote Bag

Spark and spice your casual conversations with this bag of resistance. This bag is inspired by the zine and vibrational essence line of the same name.

About PATP: We typically think of working with plants for personal benefit, but by opening to a subtle and deeper awareness, certain herbaceous friends want to assist in addressing larger global issues, stemming from capitalism and patriarchy. With Plants Against the Patriarchy, we tap into the healing wisdom contained within the green Earth, and learn which plants want to assist us in creating a balanced world that we all want to live in.

Recommendation: Bag pairs well with the Plants Against the Patriarchy Vibrational Essence line and zine.


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