MP3: Gender in Astrology – Re-envisioning Our Language for a Gender Queer Future

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Rhea Wolf

In an effort to counter hetero-normative language in both Astrology and Culture, we’ll take a look at how to identify a wide variety of gender perspectives in the myths and archetypes of the planets. The word “gender” has been used since Hellenistic times to describe the signs of the zodiac in order to assign how they will manifest events in life. Rhea will present her own playful approach to the use of mythology in the practice of astrology to enliven how we think of the planets and signs in relation to gender-identity. Together, we will examine how frameworks of gender can be both useful and limiting. We will also discuss expanding the spectrum of how we think of gender in astrology so that it can encompass a more fluid, flexible approach, especially in our work with transgender or queer clients.

Digital Download Running Time: 90 minutes.

Digital Download Audio: In-class recording

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1 review for MP3: Gender in Astrology – Re-envisioning Our Language for a Gender Queer Future

  1. Hez (verified owner)

    I love that this class exists! It’s great that we’re having these kinds of discussions about gender queerness in the astrological community and as an enby myself, it’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to. I was hoping for a bit more substantive discussion about the astrological nuts and bolts of gender queerness – not to pigeonhole anyone but to speak more directly to the unique TGNC experience of identity and how it might manifest in the chart (I personally don’t take offense at discussions of such astrological indicators as the instructor seems to – rather, I use astrology as a tool to learn more about myself, my nonbinary-ness and how it might relate to what I’m meant to bring into the world), but this discussion is a great start.

    The course seems specifically geared toward teaching professional astrologers how to have more TGNC-friendly conversations with their clients and that effort is much appreciated. I would love to see another course geared more toward exploring astrological indicators with regard to non-traditional gender and agender identities and how those might be explored further to benefit those of us who identify as TGNC.

    On a technical note, one considering a purchase of this course might want to know that it’s a recording of a class that took place in person. This is different than listening to a teleclass, which is by nature designed to be audio-only. The listener of this course misses out on some of the experience, as multiple exercises are focused on the in-person student and sometimes the instructor and students cannot be heard clearly on the recording. Also, there’s a meditation about halfway through – so be sure to listen in a distraction-free environment to get the most out of that 🙂

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