April, May Intro to Horary 6-Week Series (online)


Ever need to find a lost pet? Ever need help deciding to take a job? Ever need help with a relationship? Horary astrology can help you with these inquires and more!

This 6-week series will introduce students to traditional western horary astrology. The class will provide a step-by-step overview of basic principles, plus specific juicy rules for interpreting relationships, career, and financial questions. Each class will include theory discussions and chart examples for group practice.

Astrological knowledge basics are required.

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This 6-week series meets on Thursdays, April 22nd, 29th, May 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

all dates are 6:30-8:30pm Pacific


1-Novice, Beginners-2, see level scale


Natal Astrology, Philosophy, History


via Zoom – link will be emailed upon check-out. Please log on early to work out any technological issues from student side. We cannot give refunds due to student technological difficulties. Links will be emailed to all participants and available for a limited time.


Recordings will be emailed to all registered participants on the week following class. This link will only be available for a limited time and is to not be shared by anyone.


Elena Lumen is a traditional astrologer,  retired psychologist, and a holistic coach with a busy online consulting practice. Elena began her discovery of traditional western astrology with the teaching of a Renaissance astrologer, Jean-Baptist Morin, and continued with W. Lilly, G. Bonatti and other authors. In 2013, Elena received STA DiplH certificate in horary astrology.

Elena specializes in classical western astrology with an emphasis on horary, predictive, and electional techniques.

Hermes Helper

Work Trade is needed for 50% discount off. We need people with Zoom familiarity and those comfortable hosting community time prior to the class. Duties include hosting, catching participants questions, encouraging chat discussions. Please contact us. Work Trade is first-come, first-serve. Listing will be updated when WT is filled.

How Does The Sliding Scale Work?

Paying on the higher end of the scale helps for us to make astrology accessible to others. You can further assist in our efforts with accessibility by selecting the ticket that benefits the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship.

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