March 29 Introduction to Classical Electional Astrology Workshop (class)


The goal of electional astrology is to determine the most favorable time for any significant activity – whether it is an important purchase, a wedding, surgery, or a job interview. In this one day workshop, Elena Lumen will introduce students to the foundations of this magical practice. Electional astrology is based on the principles of traditional western astrology, but this workshop is open to all students, who are familiar with astrology basics (planets, signs, and aspects), but want to learn principles of electing a successful time.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Basic principles of election
  • Election by the Moon (simplified daily elections)
  • Planets and signs and their nature in successful elections
  • Financial, medical, professional, or marriage charts.
  • Case studies

Class Details

Level: Beginners-2,Intermediate-3, Advanced-4, see level scale

Subject: Hellenistic/Traditional, Electional

Date: Sunday, March 29, 10am-4:30pm

Location: 2110 NE 45th Avenue

Teacher: Elena Lumen, Phd is a traditional astrologer and life coach with a busy online consulting practice. Her studies of traditional astrology started in the 1990s after she immigrated to the USA from Russia. Elena holds certification from the Deborah Houlding’s School of Traditional Astrology. Elena specializes in classical western astrology with an emphasis on horary, predictive, and electional techniques. In 2011, Elena completed her dissertation on the archetypal and psychological value of astrology for meaning-finding at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and published her findings in the ISAR and NCGR magazines.  Since 2015, Elena has been teaching horary and electional astrology classes at Kepler College, and since 2018 at the International Academy of Astrology.

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As always, all classes in the quarterly term schedule are open to the public.

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