MP3: Dreamers, Artists, Healers – Working with Neptune


Corina Dross

A closer look at the planet of mysteries, self-sacrifice, illusions and longing, with some practical tips on how to navigate your own Neptunian journeys. Whether your natal chart is strongly affected by Neptune, or you’re going through a Neptune transit, learning how to work with this energy can make all the difference between losing yourself in the act of creation and merely getting lost. If you’re an empath, an artist, or a highly idealistic and imaginative soul, you probably have a strong relationship with the planet Neptune. This interactive lecture will cover: What does it mean to be Neptunian? How do you access Neptunian energy safely? How do you stay healthy and whole while being so sensitive, and what kind of intelligence does Neptunian sensitivity give you?

Digital Download Running Time: 73 minutes.

Digital Download Audio: Teleclass

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