MP3: Astrological Vitality

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JP Hawthorne

The Sun (or your “sun sign”) in the natal chart represents your spirit and the seasonal, earth-based vitality you were born. We will discuss the parts of the body that each sign rules, herbal remedies, essential oils, health recommendations and even some flower essences likened to each sign and that will help to balance.

Digital Download Running Time: 76 minutes.

Digital Download Audio: Teleclass

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1 review for MP3: Astrological Vitality

  1. Hez (verified owner)

    Great class! It’s a very useful introduction to healing through astrology. There’s a lot of information packed in, as the instructor speaks pretty fast, haha – there’s probably 3 hours worth of material packed into this hour! I look forward to trying some of the herbal recommendations discussed in the course 🙂

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