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In response to Medium.com article

July 12, 2020
We would like to address the harm that was caused to any of our students throughout the past. We are specifically referencing the PSA faculty member who was mentioned in this thoughtful online article (published July 9) regarding white supremacy, transphobia in astrology. PSA strives to create a culture of learning… Read More

Scholarship Open for the Year-Long Program

July 10, 2020
The Portland School of Astrology announces the Year-Long Program Scholarship. This annual offering is made possible through individual donations to the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship. (That’s you! Thank you.) The Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship seeks to continue her work around accessibility with spreading the tools and knowledge of Astrology, Flower… Read More

PSA Hiring Instructors

June 6, 2020
Job Posting: Program Instructor(s) The Portland School of Astrology is looking for qualified instructors to join our faculty for our 8 and 9-month long 1st year and 2nd year programs. Our innovative programs explore the basics of astrology in standard and unconventional ways to best appeal to a multitude… Read More


May 20, 2020
Chat with PSA during breaks between lectures: -Say hello and ask questions -Tour the school -Debrief about NORWAC lectures https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87492122615 Meeting ID: 874 9212 2615 All times are Pacific and happen between NORWAC lectures. Friday 3:45-4:15pm | 5:30-6:30pm Saturday 11:45am-1:00pm | 3:45-4:15pm… Read More

PSA Needs Help During COVID-19

March 31, 2020
During these uncertain times, many small businesses around the country are in danger of losing their livelihood. The Portland School of Astrology is no different. As a community organization, we run a yearly school budget on a razer-thin margin. This means any disruption to our business can seriously jeopardize the… Read More


March 27, 2020
PSA is a community organization, without a philanthropic structure. We rely on the community so we can continue working and providing to the community. Please consider a monetary or in-kind donation to help PSA with our mission. In-kind items can include: Supplies to keep us running: paper towel, toilet paper,… Read More

Class Difficulty Level

March 26, 2020
Are you a beginner astrologer? Or more advanced? Test your knowledge of astrology with our official scale! All classes open to the public have a difficulty level listed for each class. This is meant to help astrologers with differing experience levels navigate which classes are best for them at the Portland… Read More

In Memory of Jen Gouvea 1976-2014

September 26, 2019
We are very sad to report that PSA Teacher Jen Gouvea passed away this weekend.  She was a great visionary, profound healer, revolutionary astrologer and a big-hearted soul. Jen was also a unwavering community organizer for the Portland astrological community as well as the healing community. Read More

Capricorn Stellium Callout Born 1988-1991

July 18, 2019
Stellium is a cluster of 4 or more planets in one sign. Do you know someone age 23 to 25 who is interested in being part of an astrology support group in NE Portland? This young adult creativity support group will include: astrology, art, flower essences,… Read More

Former Astro Empowerment Student Reflects on the 1st-Year Program

July 18, 2019
Oregon Astrological Association’s Scholarship made it possible for me complete the 1st Year Astro-Empowerment Program at Portland School of Astrology! I first found Portland School of Astrology, by internet searching these three words: Portland – astrology – school. And there it was, an astrology school… Read More