Former Astro Empowerment Student Reflects on the 1st-Year Program

Oregon Astrological Association’s Scholarship made it possible for me complete the 1st Year Astro-Empowerment Program at Portland School of Astrology!

I first found Portland School of Astrology, by internet searching these three words: Portland – astrology – school. And there it was, an astrology school based right here in Portland! I was so excited I sent an email right away, asking for more information. PSA appeared for me exactly at the right time. I had been struggling with some health issues, and was recovering from surgery at the time. As a result, I had cut down on teaching yoga classes, in order to heal and take care of myself. This time away, led me to pursue my lifelong interest in Astrology. I had always tried to navigate the realm of Astrology on my own, reading a random assortment of books and listening to podcasts. But, I always felt rather lost and aimless on my own. So, the idea of an actual astrology school, designed to make sense out of this seemingly complex subject, was so completely cool. I was beside myself with excitement!

After speaking with Jaysen Paulsen at PSA, I immediately decided I wanted to enroll in the program. (Honestly, I may have decided before speaking with him. A Moon/Chiron stellium in Aries, makes for these sorts of quick decisions.) But, I still wasn’t able to work or teach much at all at this time, and my income was extremely limited as a result. Jaysen informed me about OAA’s scholarship for PSA’s 1st year program. I applied, crossed my fingers, set my intentions and it happened. I got the scholarship! This made it possible for me to start the program at that time, while I was healing. And as it turns out, it’s exactly what I needed. 

As soon as the program began, the mystery of Astrology began to unfold and reveal itself to me. I experienced so many moments of connection, revelation and deep understanding. PSA brought all the details of this vast subject together into a cohesive, creative and structured program. Jaysen Paulsen, Rhea Wolf and Andrea Gehrz exceeded my wildest expectations at how amazing Astrology school could be! I immediately became inspired to share everything I was learning, and felt more confident about sharing astrology in my yoga and meditation classes. I was so inspired to share, I co-created a series of classes, with a fellow yoga teacher and Astrologer, Renee Sills. We call our series , Embodying The Zodiac, which is a once monthly class that combines astrology, movement, yoga, meditation, visualization and so much more. Each class is designed around the signs, and happens near the New Moon. As of this month, we have been teaching this series for a year now. Beginning with Aries and now ending with Pisces. We plan to continue the cycle.

During this time, I also became fascinated with Medical Astrology and Astrological Remediation, thanks to PSA and Andrea Gehrz. Andrea’s way of teaching us about the vibrations of the planets and how they affect us, led me to more of an understanding of how I work with energy, and my specific sensitivity to energy and vibrations. I felt a powerful calling to enroll in Eden Energy Medicine’s Foundation program, so as to learn how to work with energy specifically. I have recently begun taking the first steps to using Energy Medicine and Astrology together, as a form of Astrological Remediation. 

Talk about Astro-Empowerment!

The OAA scholarship and PSA have given me the tools and knowledge necessary to go out into the world and share astrology with others. For this, I am infinitely grateful.

Oceans of Gratitude,