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3YP: Retreat

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Labor Day Weekend tends to be one of the most expensive holidays for this vacation rental but I think we can work it out without breaking everyone's bank. This home is 6 bedrooms with 6.5 bathrooms. This place even has a play area with table tennis or ping-pong and an arcade game. We are exploring food options but the photo looks like it has a commercial refrigerator space. This space is "no pets", meaning it is low-allergen for those pet allergies.

Housing Options

  1. Most Expensive: 3 king size beds in own bedroom, I believe all have a bathroom attached. Two students share one king sized bed and bedroom. Price is $360 (that's $120 per night).
  2. Moderate Expense: 4 luxury bunks (so nice, see photo!) in one room with bathroom attached. Four students in one room. Price is $270 (that's $90 per night).
  3. On the Cheap: 2 spots open for those with a tent who wish to camp outside (it's Bend in the Summer so it should be wonderful), or if you wish to sleep on the sofa bed, that can be arranged as well. Price is $180 (that's $60 per night).
  4. Donate: $25 to help out a fellow student who may need a little cushion to make this work. Please contact me if you are in a strong need of assistance. 

When a selection is sold out, the website will tell you so. Check out the listing for this place with photographs: https://www.vrbo.com/356237