Am I a beginner?

1st-Year Program

Knowing where to start in studying Astrology can be a daunting task. It's best to start with the signs, planets and houses. In our 1st-Year Program, we start with the basics and begin to build on them to solidify the knowledge and even back-fill holes that you may have not learned if you were studying Astrology alone. The 1st-Year Program also takes a look at other important 101 topics such as History, Philosophy, Astronomy, Medical Astrology, Esoteric Astrology and Physical Education. The program is also designed to be experiential and intellectual to give a comprehensive and integrative approach to the ancient knowledge. If you have questions to determine if the 1st-Year Program would be best suited for you, please contact us! Please click on the 1st-Year Program tab to get complete information of what we cover in the first year.

Check the Astrology Student Level Scale to see where you may fit!

Am I ready for the next step?

2nd-Year Program

It's hard to know where you are in the informal study of Astrology because there is no governing or ruling board, no structure or standardization of the knowledge so knowing exactly where you are in skill level can be a difficult assessment alone. In our 2nd-Year Program, we seek to build upon exactly what we taught in our 1st-Year Program. However, there may be people out there who understand and have studied the basics for a while and want to move past a 1st-Year and come right into our 2nd-Year Program. Although our 1st-Year Program is incredibly holistic, we do welcome students into the 2nd-Year Program. Contact us, and we will first set you up with a self-evaluation exam to see if you have any knowledge gaps and can feel comfortable within our 2nd-Year Program. We want everyone to succeed and feel comfortable with the challenge. Curriculum details for our 2nd-Year Program will be published at a later time.

Check the Astrology Student Level Scale to see where you may fit!

Can I take additional classes with PSA?

Quarterly Schedule

Quarterly Schedule classes are smaller, less committal classroom offerings from PSA that run during the year at different times of the year. Check Quarterly Schedule to see what is currently being offered. You can also sign up for our newsletter here so you never miss what we are offering!