Proposal to present at the queer astrology conference In Portland 2018

If you wish to submit more classes than one, you can...

  1. Put all classes into the single form boxes or
  2. Send more forms, without the same personal and biographical information with the exception of your name and email. What would be needed is your lecture title, description, method of teaching, lecture category and difficulty level.
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Tell us the methods and means you will use to present your offering (powerpoint slides, meditation, discussion, experientials, games, art methods, etc.)
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If you need a computer, we ask that you bring alternate forms of displaying your slideshow. Publish as a PDF and email to yourself and PSA, and store on a flash drive. Consider web-based hosting such as Prezi, Google Slides, Dropbox to avoid a computer-to-projector glitch.
What is your experience teaching/public speaking? What is your experience with astrology? (include lineage)
Please send us a sample of you speaking if you have one to share. You are also welcome to email us
Please write a couple of paragraphs about what calls you to a Queer Astrology conference. Who are you in this frame? What turns you on?