Submissions for Quarterly Term Programming

If you wish to submit more classes than one, you can...

  1. Put all classes into the single form boxes or
  2. Send more forms, without the same personal and biographical information with the exception of your name and email. What would be needed is your lecture title, description, method of teaching, lecture category and difficulty level.
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If you are not from Portland, please describe the nature of your visit? (book tour, speaking tour, visiting friends, etc.)
Do not use all caps.
This will be used on the website. Check for typos, grammar, do not use all caps. 1 paragraph strongly preferred. 2 paragraph maximum.
Be specific in explaining which ways you will be teaching your class (powerpoint slides, meditation, discussion, experientials, games, art methods, etc.)
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Level of Difficulty *
The more your lecture appeals to all, the better. You can write about difficulty level in your description as well. Select all that apply. Please callabrate to the PSA scale at this website address:
This will be used on the website. 1 paragraph max, written in third-person and please include your website link. Do not use all caps.
If you need a computer, we ask that you bring alternate forms of displaying your slideshow. Publish as a PDF and email to yourself and PSA, and store on a flash drive. Consider web-based hosting such as Prezi, Google Slides, Dropbox to avoid a computer-to-projector glitch.
The success of both parties depends on marketing from both PSA and the speaker. What is your marketing strategy for your class? Include groups and networks you will make contact with, students you might have, places you frequent, etc.
Which quarter are you intending to do this class in? Even if your class is not chosen for the quarter you intended it to be, we may move it to the next quarter if that's an option.
Having an open schedule is great for PSA to schedule, but sometimes life isn't that way. Are there generally days of the week that are usually open for you? What are your suggestions for this class?
For this class, do you need birth data from students? Don't ask for birth data unless it is necessary and you plan to print charts for people. In the description, you can ask for students to bring their charts, too.
What is your experience teaching/public speaking? What is your experience with astrology? (include lineage)
Please explain your personal views on the 12-Letter Alphabet and it's use.
Please send us a sample of you speaking if you have one to share. You are also welcome to email us
PSA has a goal to strive to teach astrology through an anti-oppression framework. What inclusion education or experience have you had to best appeal your lecture to a wide number of people without creating harm? (This certainly is not limited to sexual orientation, however a great place to start is with the Queer Astrology movement or a teleclass done by PSA's own Rhea Wolf as a resource