Submissions for Astro Playground

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February 17 - 20, 2016

We are looking for qualified speakers, facilitators, artists, and musicians. The goal of our conference is take the complicated subject of Astrology and translate it in a physical, tangible, artful, experiential, creative and sensual ways. We welcome all members of the community with ideas, whether it be classes, performances, art or whatever you got! Let us know.

Bottom Line Goal: This conference is interactive, embodied and creative,

and NOT the standard educational model which often includes slideshows and being talked at.

Potential Topics: Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects, Elements

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Be specific in explaining which ways you will be teaching your class (meditation, discussion, experientials, games, art methods, etc.)
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What is your experience teaching/public speaking? What is your experience with astrology? (include lineage)
Please send us a sample of you speaking if you have one to share. You are also welcome to email us
PSA has a goal to teach astrology through an anti-oppression framework. What inclusion education or experience have you had to best appeal your lecture to a wide number of people without excluding people? (This certainly is not limited to sexual orientation, however a great place to start is with the Queer Astrology movement or a teleclass done by PSA's own Rhea Wolf as a resource