Feb 19 Astro Travel Planning for Your Bon Voyage


Feb 19 Astro Travel Planning for Your Bon Voyage

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Andrea L. Gehrz

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How Does The Sliding Scale Work?

When making a sliding scale selection and you get the message "out of stock", that sliding scale selection is sold out. Make another sliding scale selection to join the class. Paying on the higher end of the scale helps for us to make astrology as accessible as possible through the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship. Confused on how to pay with online? Watch this video. 

Astro Travel Planning for Your Bon Voyage

Do you like to plan several trips throughout the year?

Perhaps you are looking for a spiritual retreat in a quiet, far off land?

Or planning a family road trip with three (potentially) cranky kids?

Whether your goal is a short weekend getaway, or a trip to the tundra, this class is for you! By use of astrology, we can maximize the most of any voyage, harnessing epic moods, avoiding bad times, etc. Students will learn to time for a variety of good experiences. Note: This class will not focus on AstroCartography. The focus will be on timing. Participants are highly encouraged to bring charts for examples.

Level: 2-Beginners, 3-Intermediate see level scale

Subject: Technique, Timing/Forecasting

Date: Tuesday, February 19th, 7-9pm

Location: 2110 NE 45th Avenue Portland OR 97213

Class Size: 18 student maximum, 6 student minimum.

Teacher: Andrea L. Gehrz

Hermes Helper: Work Trade is open.

Payment: Payment via the website is strongly preferred, cash and check can be given at the door, but there might not be space available if you don't register through the website. We can take payment via PayPal, our ID is admin@portlandastrology.org and we ask that you please select 'sending money to friends and family'. We offer a sliding scale to accommodate students at various economic levels. Please select the amount that you feel most comfortable paying. Sliding Scale A benefits the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship Fund. Sliding Scale B helps with our community outreach efforts. We do not have payment plans for our classes in the Quarterly Term schedule. Confused about how to pay on the website? Watch this video. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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As always, all classes in the quarterly term schedule are open to the public.