Jul 26 Eclipses: Embracing the Dark, Playing with Light TELECLASS

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Eclipse Andrew Napier Flickr.jpg
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Jul 26 Eclipses: Embracing the Dark, Playing with Light TELECLASS

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Rhea Wolf

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Embracing the Dark, Playing with Light: An Astrological Journey into the Eclipses

The upcoming solar eclipse in August is certainly getting a lot of buzz. This is the first total solar eclipse that will be visible throughout the contiguous US since 1979. It will certainly be stunning to behold. To astrologers both ancient and modern, the period of time which holds the eclipse cycle is also full of potent magic and power. Eclipses are portals which connect us to different times in our lives and allow us to see more clearly the personal cycles of growth that give meaning to our lives.

In this hour-long teleclass, Rhea Wolf will talk about the meaning of these eclipses and then lead a guided journey to help you discover the personal story that these eclipses may hold for you. Find out how to navigate the intense road that lies ahead, both personally and collectively.

No previous experience necessary, but to maximize your understanding of these eclipses, find out which astrological houses hold the signs of Leo and Aquarius.

Image Credit: Andrew Napier from Flickr. Creative Commons license. Giving credit in the digital age is a radical act.

Level: 1-Novice, 2-Beginners, 3-Intermediate, 4-Advanced see level scale

Subject: Transits, Forecasting, Self Discovery Through Astrology

Date: July 26th, 6-7pm PT | 9-10pm ET

Location: Via conference calling software. Codes will be emailed to you the day of the class.

Teacher: Rhea Wolf

Hermes Helper: Work Trade is not needed.

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