Oct 5 Algol: Transmuting Queer Trauma to Creativity

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Oct 5 Algol: Transmuting Queer Trauma to Creativity

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special visiting guest Daniel Larkin

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Algol: Transmuting Queer Trauma into Creativity

The ancients saw the fixed star Algol as the head of Medusa carried by Perseus in the sky. Despite foreboding images and harsh delineations in ancient texts, modern fixed star experts seldom see tight configurations with Algol and perpetrators who inflict harm on others. Instead, we observe many nativities who endure cruelty and trauma but who – against all odds - excel in creative pursuits. Algol configures into some of history's most magnetic queer artists and musicians.

This talk reinterprets Algol as an omen for transmuting the trauma of homophobia into the splendor of creativity. We will look at Albrecht Durer (Algol conjunct Mercury), Oscar Wilde (Algol conjunct North Node), Frida Kahlo (Algol conjunct MC), Pier Paolo Pasolini (Algol conjunct Moon) and Tracy Chapman (Algol Conjunct Venus).

In the light of these nativities, we can more fully appreciate the paradoxes of the old Medusa stories to which Algol witnesses. The story of Medusa and the testimony of Algol can be understood not only as a sign of pain, but as guide to inspire healing and transmutation of the difficulties of the queer experience.

Level: 2-Beginners, 3-Intermediate, 4-Advanced see level scale

Subject: Natal Astrology, History, Arts and Creativity, Hellenistic/Traditional, The Planets, Queer Astrology, Archetypal Astrology, Mythology

Date: Thursday, October 5th, 7-9pm

Location: 3939 NE Hancock St #212, use the after-hours call-box to be buzzed in, at the front of the building. 

Class Size: 12 student maximum, 5 student minimum

Teacher: Danny Larkin is Vice President of the Association of Young Astrologers, and an assistant Organizer of the New York City Astrology Meetup. In 2007, he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Fordham University, earning a Bachelor’s with special honors in Art History. While at Fordham he studied broadly, including courses on Ancient Greek and roman art, temple architecture, and pagan religion. He has studied astrology with Demetra George, Chris Brennan, and Austin Coppock. He worked with Ian Waisler to organize the June 2017 Queer Astrology Conference in New York. Danny is reconnecting with his indigenous druid spirituality as a Irish American. He will not be launching his official website until his initiation ceremony as a druid in the home of his direct ancestors in Roscommon, Ireland is completed.

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