Striving for Transparency and Inclusion


A Statement from one of the organizers of the

Queer Astrology Conference being held in Portland in February 2018

Please read this blog post from one of the organizers, Rhea Wolf.


Minute Summaries from QAC4 Organizing Team

Here is what we are thinking about,

and talking about prior to our time together.


2/2: In attendance was Rhea Wolf, JP Hawthorne

Logistical decisions were made including the pizza menu for free lunch day, crafting a welcome letter and resource list for attendees. Committee has discovered that there is an budgeted need for yoga supplies per a speakers request, and chair rentals for the space. ASL services have also been requested for the Free New Moon Circle happening the night before the conference. Andy is working on this. There is still a massive need for volunteers at the conference. 

1/22: In attendance was Rhea Wolf, Ian Waisler, JP Hawthorne

The majority of the meeting was spent processing this and former QA conference specifics most including safer space guidelines, Rhea's transparency statement. An update was given around budget, speakers, attendees, marketing, logistics. 

1/15: In attendance was Rhea Wolf, JP Hawthorne, Andrea L. Gehrz

A short meeting was held to discuss current state of conference planning. Tickets sales, marketing, logistics were discussed. ASL services were requested. Andy informed the group of interpreter logistics and how they would need to be compensated.

12/22: In attendance was Ian Waisler, Rhea Wolf, JP Hawthorne                                                                                                                   

The first part of the meeting was spent discussing "isms" and thoughts on how a movement grows. There was additional discussion related to the transparency statement crafted by Rhea Wolf. There was discussion of safer space guidelines. JP gave an update on ticket sales, travel costs for speakers, and a $186.11 earmarked for QAC from an unused donation to the Northwest Astrological Conference diversity scholarship last Spring (funds are from the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship donations). There was a callout for local Portlanders to host visiting attendees to the conference. Other details are in order including venue space deposit and rental costs, contracts for speakers and a request for class needs by speakers. 

12/13: In attendance was Ian Waisler, Rhea Wolf, JP Hawthorne

Over an hour was used to have further processing discussions around race, white supremacy, tokenizing, concerns from past QAC, forthcoming transparency statement, and defining what racism means to the planning committee. The time remaining consisted of a number of budget updates and logistical discussions such as a suitable social activity for Friday night (February 16th), how to's for a provided lunch to participants for one day at the conference which includes purchasing pizza from a local queer-owned/woman-owned business as well as Ian cooking for gluten free participants. We also discussed travel reimbursement for speakers, vending approval for one speaker to cover their cost, launch/registration details for PSA and QAC, and refining the fundraising amount. 

12/8: In attendance was Ian Waisler, Rhea Wolf, JP Hawthorne

A considerable amount of time was spent processing and discussing white supremacy and its implications more broadly in the U.S., and within the astrological community. There was additional discussion around the transparency statement that Rhea had crafted. It was decided to table the transparency statement until the next meeting. The group agreed on a marketing launch for QAC 4, corresponding with current transits to the QAC inception chart. 

11/29: In attendance was Ian Waisler, Rhea Wolf, JP Hawthorne

There was some discussion on offering lunch to participants and ways this could be accomplished. There was a decision to offer lunch at least one of the three days, due to the budget. There was additional discussion about offering ASL translators for the conference. Andrea L. Gehrz (PSA teacher) will be assisting with this, if requested. Speakers have sent their lodging/airfare requests which was worked into the budget.

11/22: In attendance was Ian Waisler, JP Hawthorne

There was additional discussion to set the budget. There was some deciding on how much would needed to be fundraised in order to accommodate Pay What You Will slots in the pricing tier. There was discussion of having ASL translators available for the conference.

11/19: In attendance was Ian Waisler, Rhea Wolf, JP Hawthorne

Rhea presented a transparency letter to the group. Much of the meeting was focused on  discussing the statement. Ian discussed the possibility of recording QAC history. Rhea gave an updated about speaker selection, many of the talks have been placed on the website, photos/bio pending. Without Rhea, Ian and JP had additional budget discussions. 

10/14: In attendance was Ian Waisler, Rhea Wolf, JP Hawthorne

Additional budget discussions were had. Ticket pricing was discussed including a payment tier to encourage attendance at various economic levels including a Pay What You Will option, there was discussion whether we could rework the budget, or have fundraising efforts to cover the cost of Pay What You Will attendees. Rhea gave an updated about speaker selection.

8/30: In attendance was Ian Waisler, Rhea Wolf, JP Hawthorne

Rhea finalized the call for speaker proposals and will send out. There was additional discussion around the intention of QAC 4. Rhea will revisit the original intention of QAC 1. Schedule structure for the weekend was put into place. Ian will discuss branding with a designer (PSA student).

7/27: In attendance was Ian Waisler, Rhea Wolf, JP Hawthorne

Ian secured a venue and paid deposit. There was discussion around pricing and scholarship opportunities. A list of potential speakers was put together to solicit proposals from. From the programming panel call, 3 people have stepped forward to select speakers for the QAC 4. There was some discussion around marketing and the intention of QAC 4. 

7/12: In attendance was Ian Waisler, Rhea Wolf, JP Hawthorne

Ian gave a recap of QAC 3 in New York (the last conference). There was discussion on the roles/tasks for the organizational team and the tools we would need to make this happen including a call for a third-party panel for speaker selection who would be compensated for their time at $15.00/hr. There was a discussion on the type of Portland venue that would hold QAC 4. PSA shared what has worked and not worked for planning their annual conferences in the past. There was some discussion around what the intention for QAC 4 is.