Presenter Bios for the 2018 Queer Astrology Conference in Portland, OR

 Photo by Maria Ribeiro

Photo by Maria Ribeiro

Alice Sparkly Kat is a queer, PoC astrologer/artist/curator with a focus on decolonizing astrology. They use astrology to re-chart a history of the subconscious, redefine the body in world, and reimagine history as collective memory. Their lectures and workshops, writing, and other astrological work has appeared at Hauser and Wirth, The Laundromat Project, New Women Space, gal-dem, Dixon Place, Ars Nova, POWRPLNT, and other venues/publications. They’re friendly, located in Bushwick, and available for readings in person or by phone at!




Kelsey Branca is a multi-faceted queer femme astrologer. Trained as a community health advocate and researcher, she believes in the importance of examining socially constructed realities before applying them to of our relationship with the planets. Kelsey's astrological lens is also informed by her experiences as a chronically ill plant witch, foster parent, rural born and raised white woman, and unapologetic radical deep lez water creature. She has dabbled in astrology since she was a teen and has been committed to in-depth study at Portland School of Astrology since 2014. Kelsey's astrology practice incorporates an anti-oppression framework and she is committed to uplifting marginalized voices and dismantling racism, sexism, misogyny, classism, cissexism, etc. that are pervasive in astrology communities and beyond. Find her sporadic astro writing on Instagram @deepseaastrology or connect with her at



Naimonu James is a healer based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Astrology is their main tool for now and they are currently building practices involving yoga, aromatherapy, plant spirit medicine, and energy work. They have two dogs and one partner who they are currently rooting with. You can find their work at

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Zyon Gray is a Two-Spirit who comes from a matrilineal line of clairvoyants going back many generations in West Africa. As a small child, he remembers watching relatives read playing cards on the beach of Monrovia, Liberia. African traditions and spiritual practices have always been an active part of his life. After careers in the US military and law enforcement, Zyon—a previously self-taught astrologer—moved to Minnesota during his Saturn cycle and began a serious study of astrology with a 40-year practitioner. His special interests include location, local space charts, ancestral astrology and developing antidotes to difficult aspects. Using the tools of astrology, reiki, shamanism, candle work, and mediumship Zyon has developed a unique healing practice. By focusing on the common activities of daily living Zyon brews patterns that emerge into practical application his clients can use to change their lives. Zyon feels that the pathologies and broken DNA that accumulate over generations can be healed through discovering and speaking the hidden truth, and applying ritual to daily life.


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Gary Lorentzen has been a practicing astrologer in the Pacific Northwest since 1972. He is the former president of both the Portland and Seattle astrological associations and was a founding board member of Kepler College responsible for the development of the curriculum and instructional designs and state approval for the B.A. He has degrees in Buddhist Studies, History, Education, German and a graduate degree in Germanic Linguistics. He is the author of numerous articles and the now on-line book, "Time of the Fishes: An Astrological Critique of the Piscean Age".

cheré (rere) suzette bergeron is a multiethnic, chronically ill, trans/non-binary/gender non-conforming femme, herbalist, craniosacral bodyworker, full spectrum companion / doula, witch, & cajun transplant currently living on occupied Dakota land in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their healing arts practice is based out of the People’s Movement Center. They’ve been involved in anti-violence advocacy & reproductive justice organizing since 2006. From 2012-2016 they provided hormone injections & rapid HIV testing at The Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition. They are a Founder & Co-Director of the SPIRAL Collective, Co-Founder of Herbalists for Racial Justice, & the Boss Witch of Sassafras Healing Arts. In 2009 they completed a Bachelor of Arts in Gender/Women’s Studies & International Studies from the University of Minnesota Duluth. They are currently enrolled in the Master of Nursing Graduate Program at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.



Corina Dross is a consulting astrologer, writer, artist, and activist. She writes horoscopes for Autostraddle, Into, and Mask Magazine. She has taught astrology from an intersectional and queer lens since 2010, and offers an Astrology 101 online class whose focus is the healing and emancipatory powers of astrology. She has been a part-time faculty member of the Portland School of Astrology, and sees clients across the world in her private practice. For more information, see her website:







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Amanda Moreno is an astrologer, soul worker, writer and paradigm buster based in Seattle. Her adventures in these forms of ‘practical woo’ are geared towards helping hear the call of their genius and bring it on out into the world. She is an anarchistic(ally) non-monogamous witchy type who prefers to avoid labels but admits to being an introvert. Amanda’s hope is that as more people are empowered to do the work of moving through deep grief and shadow integration, we’ll be able to create a society that is sustainable and that supports all life.


Daven Ville is a Two-Spirit Cree magic maker living on the unceded Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver, BC). Daven has a Libra Sun, and Leo Moon/Rising. They are an Astrology and Tarot enthusiast, and just getting over their shyness enough to admit they’re really good at this stuff. Their lineage of Indigenous matriarchs and resilient queers has planted in them a connection to a grounded magic that continues to expand. Daven is committed to their work, play and magic centering identities, voices and experiences that don’t often get the honouring they deserve and need.

Sharon Pink is a queer, white femme Tarot reader, Astrology enthusiast and priestess living on the unceded Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver, BC). She has a Scorpio Sun, Leo Rising and Gemini Moon, and is quite proud of the intensity this combination brings. Sharon believes wholeheartedly in the power of community, and is committed bringing people together and turn the everyday into magic and make magic everyday.

Together, Daven and Sharon are driven to making the world safe(r), weirder and more magical. Their connection has a foundation of humour, love, power exchange and somatic magic. They are thrilled to be co-teaching at the QAC.



Vernon J. Robinson has studied astrology for over 25 years, involved in the Evolutionary Astrology for the past 15 years and has been counseling clients for 10 years. He has a Master Certification in Evolutionary Astrology under Steven Forrest and is currently completing his certification in Jeffery Wolf Green Method of Evolutionary Astrology from the Evolutionary Astrology Network. Vernon does astrological counseling for clients and teaches basic and advanced astrology classes. He is currently working on research for the astrology chart of the First African Slave Ship coming to Hampton, Virginia. He can be reached at His website is


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Neon Starlight is a sassy non-binary queerdo that has crash-landed on earth and is eagerly awaiting someone from their home planet to come pick them up. To pass the time, they enjoy reading charts for fellow queers, crocheting doilies, making videos about snacks and cute things, and petting bunnies.




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Rebecca M. Farrar, M.A. loves astrology as a tool for honoring complexity and the bridge between human and cosmos. Before studying archetypal astrology more than eight years ago, she was huge skeptic and now she is obsessed. She has been featured on several podcasts including the Priestess Podcast, ranked number one in the self-help category as well as a contributor to The Numinous and Wanderlust Media. She is recently featured in an upcoming documentary "Conscious: Fulfilling Our Higher Evolutionary Potential" and was one of the founding members of Burning Man's first astrological camp, Cosmicopia. In 2013, Rebecca completed her M.A. in Philosophy. Her thesis, titled “Stargazing: Re-enchantment Through Language,” combines philology, consciousness studies, and enchantment with the stars. When not staring at her transits, she can be found wandering the beach, reading a book, or "force" cuddling her kitty Freyja. Learn more at





Erica Jones, M.A. Integral Ecology, has pursued astrology since 2006, principally studying archetypal astrology and cosmology with Richard Tarnas. Erica incorporates ecological awareness and an engagement with mythopoetic dimensions to promote personal, social and ecological well-being, by synthesizing astrology with studies of mythology, depth ecopsychology, dream work and systemic (family) constellations. A current project engages astrology in social and cultural transformation via a workshop centering on cultivating skillful means of embodying the planetary intelligences contained in the upcoming Saturn-Pluto world transit. She also publishes online at Real Imaginal, which is devoted to the renewal of the planetary archetype Neptune.





June Rose Trimbach is an astrologer and spiritual healer located in the Seattle/Olympia area. Her focus is primarily on astrology as a healing tool used to bring about divine inspiration. She offers private consultations that involve sacred conversation, guided meditations and ceremony; regularly teaches magical astrology classes at the Cunning Crow Apothecary; and airs a weekly astrology forecast show called Celestial Weather on Hollow Earth Radio. June's writing and more information can be found at



Moon Zlotnick has been running a private practice in astrology since 1977 while teaching astrology classes since 1980. She has been published in a professional astrological journal Welcome to Planet Earth, has written a book on eclipses, and has another book, Death Chart, in process. Highly respected in the community and in the local media, she has been frequently interviewed on Minneapolis and St. Paul television and radio, and had an annual New Year prediction public event that is enthusiastically anticipated each year. Additionally, she has been on the board of STARS, a branch of NCGR and OPA, the Organization for Professional Astrologers. Find out more at



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Rhea Wolf is a queer feminist writerly witch mama astrologer who didn’t wait for a tornado to take her away from Kansas. She loves the rain, laughing too loud, supporting people in their creativity, her two daughters, and being intense. She’s written some things about language and metaphor, racism in pagan circles, motherhood and addiction, the politics of witchcraft, and the astrological Moon. She currently teaches at the Portland School of Astrology on the land of the Chinook and Kalapuya peoples. Write her at