PSA on 107.1 and 91.1 invited PSA Director Jaysen Paulson and Full Time Faculty Andrea L. Gehrz to speak on XRAY in the Morning, the morning show that airs weekdays 7:00-9:00am. Initially purposing that it is "Space Week", show producer Will Romey said in an email to PSA that he was interested in hearing how the ancients saw the sky and emailed a number of questions specifically about the school to discuss on-air.

Unfortunately none of these questions, nor anything related to "Space Week" came to pass. Instead, former 2012 mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith and host of XRAY in the Morning, proceed to bash the profession with ill-informed, yet a playful ignorance. 

JayP and Andy did a fabulous job still representing astrology on the turn of a dime! You can listen to the segment below. PSA appears in the last 15 minutes.