Capricorn Stellium Callout Born 1988-1991

Stellium is a cluster of 4 or more planets in one sign.

Stellium is a cluster of 4 or more planets in one sign.

Do you know someone age 23 to 25 who is interested in being part of an astrology support group in NE Portland? This young adult creativity support group will include: astrology, art, flower essences, and writing exercises.

Jen Gouvea, MSW of Engaged Heart will be offering a support group for those born between 1988-1990 who possess a rare astrological signature— a stellium or triple conjunction of powerful planets in Capricorn that includes Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Those born with several planets in the sign of Capricorn have great potential strengths but also may cope with collective challenges such as depression, discouragement and disorientation.

Our famous and local astrology elder Donna Cunningham is armed with tools to help these young adults move the consciousness forward through her creation of the Stellium HandbookJen was fortunate to apprentice Donna during the focus groups for the book and Donna will be advising Jen in facilitating the support group.  Please contact The Portland School of Astrology to ask questions and join the wait list.