Pay What You Will Astrology


Teachers at Portland School of Astrology are trying on a fresh model of economics--the Pay What You Will system! Becoming increasingly popular, PWYW allows the public to pay for what they believe is the value of service. The benefit to folks is that the marvelous tool of astrology is able to reach a wider group of people who may not otherwise have access to the information and has less of a perceived risk to the service itself.

Teachers will be conducting 50 minute consultations on PWYW days. Book as soon as you can! Slots are expected to fill up fast! You can choose from the wonderful selection of astrologers:

July 10th: Lauren Sage Balin

July 13th: Rhea Wolf

July 14th: Andrea L. Gehrz

July 18th: Lauren Sage Balin

July 19th: Jaysen Paulson

July 20th: Rhea Wolf

July 21st: Christine Cook

July 22nd: Jaysen Paulson

July 23rd: Rhea Wolf

July 24th: Aubrie De Clerck

July 28th: Jaysen Paulson

July 29th: Andrea L. Gehrz

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