New Instructors

PSA welcomes two new instructors this year!

Iris Mae Misciagna will be joining us as an adjunct instructor and administrative support. Iris joins us from her teaching at the Blue Iris Mystery School and will be teaching esoteric topics such as magical topics and astrology and flower essences and astrology. She is also part of the administrative team, so you might see an email or two from her in the future. 

Read more about Iris here.

Lu Kim will be joining us an program adjunct instructor in the 1st-Year Program and teaching our Zodiacal Embodiment class. Lu's work resolves around the body, performance and art. Her experience in yoga, somatic practices and gyrokinesis is invaluable. She also performs with local group Physical Education in Portland, nationally and internationally. Lu's work is also featured at high profile events such as PICA's TBA festival. 

Read more about Lu here.