PQ Monthly on PSA + Queer Astrology

Rhea Wolf teaches on Queer Astrology topics at PSA

Rhea Wolf teaches on Queer Astrology topics at PSA

PQ Monthly writer TJ Acena recently wrote on Rhea Wolf, Queer Astrology and the Portland School of Astrology. 

"For many of us in the queer community, we may have read certain astrology books and felt confused or rejected by the language used. Certainly many women have been translating texts for our whole lives when the pronoun “he” is used to mean both men and all human beings. And consider being someone who engages in non-heteronormative relationships – that is, relationships that are not necessarily two people in a heterosexual, conventionally gender-defined relationship. For them, the translations of astrological texts or a reading session might be too overwhelming to even attempt."-Rhea Wolf

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