Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship + Library

While it's been a challenging time for PSA teachers and staff over the last 7 weeks, Jen has been hard on my heart; her heart-opening passion, her revolutionary ways, her insightful teachings. I've spent nights pouring over her old Astrology notes, Flower Essence books with personal flower doodles and listening to the recording of classes we did together and one thing became clear to me...Jen's vision and mission won't die. 

With the help of PSA teachers, we are officially forming the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship Fund and Library to preserve the ideals of our compassionate warrior friend. She had a mission to change the world and chose both Astrology and Flower Essences as her delivery method and this will not be forgotten. 

With the donated monies, we will be rewarding local students the financial opportunity to create change within the community and the world through various grants. We want to honour those students who give selflessly to make a difference much like Jen did through her low-cost classes, low-cost consultations, therapy sessions, her genuine friendship and simply holding space for those in need.

Look for future scholarship announcements from PSA. Our initial thoughts are to grant for the upcoming Queer Astrology Conference and potentially a scholarship for our 2nd-Year Program. We will also be collecting new and gently used astrology books for a future library. Let JayP know if you would like to make a donation of old books.

PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A CONTRIBUTION in time for the holiday season. 

With much love and blessings,
Jaysen Paulson, PSA Director

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