New School Location

A couple of days after ZEDTalks, Rhea Wolf and Jaysen Paulson went to view a new school space and fell in love with a Hollywood location that will soon be the new space for the Portland School of Astrology. We are excited to finally have a space that is 100% PSA owned and to have a proper container for the school to grow, foster community and encourage astrological learning and loving. 

We will move classes into the new space in the coming terms this school year. We will still hold some classes at Urania and the Alberta space in the future so please check the information of each class.

The new location is equipped with a cozy environment, a front desk receptionist and a French bakery across the street! Located in the Hollywood Professional Building at 3939 NE Hancock St #212.

We could not have done this without your help and support! Thank you for continuing to believe in the vision of the Portland School of Astrology!