Scholarship Announcements for 2014


Happy New Year!

AFAN (The Association for Astrological Networking) has released their guidelines for 2014 Scholarships in Conference Attendance and Study Stipends categories. AFAN Members are welcome to apply for a Study Stipend for PSA's 1st-Year Program which begins on April 5th. Click here to read more information on AFANs application process. Applications must be received by February 15th to be considered. In addition to AFANs scholarships, the OAA (Oregon Astrological Association) has agreed to grant a partial scholarship of $500 to their membership for PSAs 1st-Year Program as well, due March 8th.

To learn more about the 1st-Year Program, click here to read all about it! We'd love to have you for our 120 hour immersion cohort.

In addition to the Study Stipends scholarships from AFAN, also check out their Conference Scholarships if you are interested in any of the conferences happening this year. Here are some links to conferences happening in 2014:

March: OPA retreat in Myrtle Beach

March: International Astrology Day in San Francisco

April: Great Lakes Astrology Conference in Ann Arbor

May: NORWAC in Seattle

September: ISAR in Phoenix

October: SOTA in Niagara Falls