Open House + Astro-Open Mic

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We officially opened for business with an Open House and Astro-Open Mic on September 5th, 2013 at 19:00 in Portland, Oregon USA. 

This was one of the most interesting, creative and fun astrology events I've ever been to! We had a meet-n-greet with faculty and administrators, a panel talk about the school, an astro-themed open mic, give-a-ways, a raffle for free items all under the classroom space and herbal medicine apothecary located at 2714 NE Alberta St. A fine location filled with balloons with the constellations drawn across them, mood-lighting and classic jazzy tunes against the sound of heavy summer rain.

Our foods were all astrologically themed to fit each sign. And while we did have to bend a little to fit our donated foods and a small budget, the list was as follows:

  • Aries: Mexican food, donated by La Bonita Restaurant
  • Taurus: dark chocolate
  • Gemini: multi-coloured jelly beans
  • Cancer: cheese platter
  • Leo: oranges
  • Virgo: hot teas
  • Libra: maple donuts, donated by Back to Eden Bakery
  • Scorpio: kim chi
  • Sagittarius: hummus and olives
  • Capricorn: rice crackers and pita bread
  • Aquarius: sparkling water
  • Pisces: sea palm, donated by Clary Sage Herbarium 
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We estimated 75 people came through our small doors that evening. Even people as far away as Denver, San Francisco, Sedona and Seattle! In attendance, we saw some top notch astrological talent, herbalist, social change activists, curious spectators, healers, intellectuals, spiritualists and even a handful of kids!

Nicole Pepper of Green Witch Apothecary

Nicole Pepper of Green Witch Apothecary

Our raffle to support our scholarship fund for those needing financial assistance for classes was extremely successful! We received about three times the amount we thought we would collect. Thank you all for your incredible generosity! Our donated items were given by the following fine places:

Andrea and Hailey perform "Free Will"

Andrea and Hailey perform "Free Will"

We loved hearing participants in our Astro-themed Open Mic, a chance for local talent to show off a side rarely seen, their planets and LIVE on stage! What an incredible opportunity and unique night this was. Our talent consisted of:

  • a monologue by Gary Lorentzen
  • Gemini musing by Kent Bye
  • Sagittarius folk-song cover by Kate Yikes! 
  • powerful poetry by Rhea Wolf
  • "Free Will" by Rush as performed by Andrea L. Gehrz and her friend Hailey

A blessing and a short ritual was performed by Rhea Wolf as a final way of saying thank you to the cosmos, thank you all of those potential students and a final push to the birth of Portland School of Astrology. We also sent some love and healing to Syria, Egypt and nations under violence and strife.  

We are so happy to be here and may we serve the community!

View the Facebook photo album on our page for more photos. 

Thank you Portland.