Rhea on Gender in Myth, Myth in Gender

Queer Astrology Conference 2013

Queer Astrology Conference 2013

PSA Faculty Rhea Wolf, Jaysen Paulson and Corina Dross were in attendance at the historical and ground-breaking Queer Astrology Conference this summer in San Francisco which was co-host by the Astrological Society of San Francisco, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and California Institute for Integral Studies, which also served as a memorial to Jack Fertig, an astrologer and social change activist.

Rhea Wolf was one of the presenters at this landmark get-together. Kent Bye of Esoteric Voices got to sit down with Rhea and speak to her about her presentation.  

Click here to listen to Rhea on Gender in Myth, Myth in Gender via Esoteric Voices. 

Corina Dross will be teaching a followup workshop for PSA in October!