We're Looking for Teachers!

PSA is sourcing the greater Portland community and opening up to the wonderful local talent right here in town! We're looking for astrologers with speaking credentials to pitch programing for Fall and the rest of the 2017-2018 school year. All proposals will be decided by the Programming Panel and preference is given to those who can demonstrate some sort of inclusion training or intersectionality experience.

Diversity Call! PSA is interested in hosting speakers with a diversity of experiences including but not limited to people of color, queer-oriented, trans and non-binary folx, and those from other cosmological backgrounds of their ancestral lineage.

Spread the word if you know anyone who might be interested. 
Click on this link for more information.

PSA Teachers Invited to Speak at Plant Medicine Conference

8th Annual Portland Plant Medicine Gathering: Herbal Medicine Conference

8th Annual Portland Plant Medicine Gathering: Herbal Medicine Conference

PSA Founder and Director Jaysen Paulson Hawthorne and Adjunct Instructor Iris Mae Misciagna has been invited to speak at this year's 8th annual Portland Plant Medicine Gathering, an annual conference on plant medicine located in Portland, Oregon at National College of Natural Medicine. Tickets are on sale now. To purchase a ticket, click here. Below are the class descriptions for each teacher.

Herbal Remedies for Your Sun Sign, Flower Essences for Your Moon Sign

with Jaysen Paulson + Iris Misciagna

The Sun (or your "sun sign") in the natal chart represents your spirit and the seasonal, earth-based vitality you were born with. The moon in the natal chart represents your relationship to nourishment and the ways you emote, intuit, and reflect. In this class we will discuss the herbal and health remedies to keep your vitality up and discuss the flower essences that help balance shadow aspects of your moon sign that may be difficult to work with, as well as essences that support your moon sign's strengths and gifts.

New Instructors

PSA welcomes two new instructors this year!

Iris Mae Misciagna will be joining us as an adjunct instructor and administrative support. Iris joins us from her teaching at the Blue Iris Mystery School and will be teaching esoteric topics such as magical topics and astrology and flower essences and astrology. She is also part of the administrative team, so you might see an email or two from her in the future. 

Read more about Iris here.

Lu Kim will be joining us an program adjunct instructor in the 1st-Year Program and teaching our Zodiacal Embodiment class. Lu's work resolves around the body, performance and art. Her experience in yoga, somatic practices and gyrokinesis is invaluable. She also performs with local group Physical Education in Portland, nationally and internationally. Lu's work is also featured at high profile events such as PICA's TBA festival. 

Read more about Lu here.

PSA Honour Roll

PSA appreciates it when you come out and take classes with us. For our last school year, we want to recognize those top in attendance for the last school year. Congratulations to

Brandi Leve, Kazzrie, Gabby Moritz, Jaime Clarke, Karyn Fenton, Season Cole, Jessica Painter, Kelsey Branca, Sarah Lewis, Kira Taylor, Sterling Roth, Stacia Secretriat, Christine Cook

You'll be getting an email with a special thank you gift from PSA! Thank you for continuing to support us!

PSA on XRAY.fm

XRAY.fm 107.1 and 91.1 invited PSA Director Jaysen Paulson and Full Time Faculty Andrea L. Gehrz to speak on XRAY in the Morning, the morning show that airs weekdays 7:00-9:00am. Initially purposing that it is "Space Week", show producer Will Romey said in an email to PSA that he was interested in hearing how the ancients saw the sky and emailed a number of questions specifically about the school to discuss on-air.

Unfortunately none of these questions, nor anything related to "Space Week" came to pass. Instead, former 2012 mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith and host of XRAY in the Morning, proceed to bash the profession with ill-informed, yet a playful ignorance. 

JayP and Andy did a fabulous job still representing astrology on the turn of a dime! You can listen to the segment below. PSA appears in the last 15 minutes.


We're Looking for Renters!

PSA is looking for serious astrologers who are interested in having a consultation space inside the Portland School of Astrology. Our office, located in the Hollywood district, offers mailing services, copy machine and a receptionist to see your clients in. We have slots available on weekdays and weekends and our prices are a steal! Contact PSA Director Jaysen Paulson at jp@portlandastrology.org if you are interested.

Support the Valens Translation Project


PSA student Brandi Leve is assisting teacher Andrea L. Gehrz on a future translation project. Check the details!

So what is this all about?

We are inviting you to join us on the journey to complete an easily digestible, technically sound English translation of a 9 book anthology written over 2000 years ago by the Hellenistic Astrologer Vettius Valens.

Why do we need your support?

As you can imagine, translating 2000 year old ancient Greek texts is tricky business. Aside from the language skills necessary, it takes a knowledgeable astrologer to dive into the texts and bring out its original meaning and intent. But with your help, Moira Press can fund the translation of the Anthologiae, including the costs it takes to research, translate, publish, and market these works. It takes some serious resources to get these books into the public’s hands, and we’re offering you a first chance to read them by supporting this important mission.

Your contribution helps support the process in the following ways:

  • Allows for more dedicated time to sit down and work through the texts, in turn getting the material out to the public faster
  • Cover costs incurred around editing, publishing, legal, etc
  • A chance to bring these ancient teachings to life in the modern world, transmitted for the first time by an actual Astrologer. We know, it’s a big deal.

And if you pledge $5 or more you’ll get access to behind the scenes materials and special early releases of the Anthologiae each month and original custom made rewards such as: pins, totes, journals, T-Shirts.

Support the project via Patreon!

Diversity Scholarship Announcement

Are you working to create positive change in the world? Are you interested in the healing modality of astrology? Are you a member of a marginalized or disenfranchised community? You may be an ideal candidate for an upcoming scholarship with the Portland School of Astrology!

Announcing the 1st-Year Astro Empowerment scholarship through the Jen Gouvea Memorial Fund for the upcoming 2016-2017 School Year. We are offering a $500 scholarship toward the tuition of the 1st-Year Program for people in marginalized communities in Portland or surrounding Portland areas.


The Life and Work of Demetra George

Community elder and 2nd-Year Program Adjunct Instructor Demetra George was interviewed on Chris Brennan's popular podcast The Astrology Podcast. You can search for it in iTunes or click the link below.